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Automating notifications when new ads are needed



Now that we have all the core parts of our campaign management automated, all we need to do is feed new ads... and audiences as ad sets... into our system. Unfortunately, we can't use automation to magically create new ads for us, but we can use automation to let us know when our ad sets are ready for new ads.

To do this, we can create an automated rule to notify us when an ad set doesn't have enough active ads in it. To set this up, we'll start by creating a new rule from scratch.

We'll give our rule an appropriate name and apply it to all ad sets with active delivery. For the task, we'll select "notify" with a frequency limit of once a day. For the initial metric, we'll select "Active ads in ad set," and choose is less than or equal to two.

With this condition, this rule will notify us when any active ad set has two active ads or less in it. And you can adjust this number to reflect the number of minimum ads you want in an ad set at any given time.

And for this rule, we'll definitely need to turn our notifications on and use the preferred channel for how you want to be notified. We use Slack at Revealbot so I'm just going to have it send a message to me in our marketing channel.

While we selected in the rule's action to only ever notify us once a day, we want to customize when this rule will check our ad sets. I would prefer to be notified only during business hours just to make sure I somehow don't miss the notification. So under "Rule checking" I'm going to toggle on Custom and manually choose the window of time I want to be notified. I'm going to choose from 6 AM to 6 PM every day like this.

Of course, you customize this however you like or just stick to every 15 minutes 24/7.

And that's all we need for this rule so we can set it live.

With this rule live, we now have a fully automated system to manage our Facebook ad campaigns. We're automatically duplicating ads with low ROAS to make sure they get a fair shot in the auction, pausing them for good if they fail to get a positive ROAS after three attempts, increasing and decreasing ad set budgets, managing our bids, and now notifying us when we need to feed new ads into our system.

The system we set up here is a great template for any business running Facebook ads - you're ad spend will be more efficient, you'll be able to increase ad spend while keeping a healthy ROAS, and you'll spend less time managing ads manually. But remember, you probably need to customize these rules to make them tailor-made for your ad accounts and how you manage them.

In the next section of this course, we're going deep into "Advanced rule conditions" so you'll be able to get even better at writing the conditions you need to more closely mirror how you want to manage your campaigns. See you there.