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Automate your
TikTok campaign management

Revealbot is a more efficient and powerful automation builder for TikTok Ads
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Automate anything you can think of

Chain conditions, use and/or logic operators, and access more metrics. Revealbot gives you all the tools to create advanced automations in TikTok Ads

Powerful filters

Target what gets affected by automation with perfect precision

Nested conditions

Group conditions together with AND/OR operators.

Detailed metrics

Choose from over 130 metrics that cover all possible scenarios

Revealbot is integral to my agency for pushing alerts on optimizations from their automation engine into Slack, and updating us during the day on key account changes."

Depesh Mandalia
Director of Paid Social

Huge time savings
and more efficient workflows

Create automations faster, keep accounts neatly organized, and troubleshoot in seconds

Visual automation builder

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating automations simpler and quicker


Get alerts about triggered actions by email or in Slack


Easily discover which rules triggered, which didn’t, and why

Everything right where you need it

Organize rules into folders and categories, and move what you don’t use into a trash can. Restore deleted items if you need them again

I used to spend 15-20 hrs/wk managing our campaigns. With Revealbot, it cut it to 5-8 hrs/wk."

Gary Jiang
‍Director of Paid social

More powerful tools on the way!

Custom metrics

Import your data from a Google Sheet for more accurate attribution or specialized cases

Coming soon

Automated reports

Keep your team and clients updated with configurable reports you can send on a schedule

Coming soon

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Automate TikTok ads. Automate growth.
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