Do you just love getting alerts and notifications in Slack? Here's how you can use Slack and Facebook ads together for a more organized workflow.

If you want to integrate Slack with Facebook ads to push lead data from Lead Ads into your CRM, Zapier has you covered.

But what if you want performance notifications and alerts from any your compaigns in Slack? Revealbot has you covered.

You are probably already familiar with Slack and how it can save you time and help keep your team organized. If you're not already familiar with Revealbot, we're a Facebook ad automation tool that helps you run Facebook ads more effeciently and integrates seamlessly into Slack. By integrating Revealbot with Slack, you can access all your data from your Facebook ad performance right into Slack (we also integrate with Google Ads, Mailchimp, Youtube and more).


Download the Revealbot app within your Slack platform and brace yourself to be blown away! A message instantly pops up offering you a tour of the Revealbot app within Slack. Click “Yes!” and Revealbot will start walking you through all the stellar data you can access within your Slack dashboard. 👍


Revealbot offers valuable insights and gives you access to much more than ads automation. Type /reveal into your message line at the bottom of your Slack dashboard and you will see all of the resources and data available for you to access! Check it out, all your data is now available in one dashboard 😎


That’s right you read correctly! ✅ Virtually all your data will be available WITHIN your existing Slack dashboard! Wanting to check your Google Adword campaigns? Just enter /reveal-adwords and your campaigns will appear! Multiple clients or campaigns running? No problem! Revealbot will seamlessly delivery all of your data to you and your team, TALK ABOUT AWESOME! 🤓

Reveal Facebook Ads

Revealbot was designed to help automate and allow your advertising dollars to be optimized. With our Slack integration you will save yourself more time and further optimize your operations process.💰 When entering /reveal-fb-ads you will be able to access all of your Facebook advertising campaigns in real time. You can select the time period and which ad account you want to pull data from.


From there you can view each campaign individually and check out your numbers! Clicking the “Chart” button will lay out multiple data points in a nice organized graph. 📈 Some of the data points available include spend, CTR, and impressions. Not to mention you can also select a second metric and view two data points at once! In the example below we are checking out our CTR as well as Reach for the previous week.


There is More 👌

Once you select a single campaign you can view all the data from individual Ad sets as well as specific Ads! Just click the green “Ad sets” option to view your ad sets, select which ad set you want to check on and….BAM, your data is there!


You can then continue to check on your individual Ads and see how they are doing as well! Time is money and we are all trying to become more efficient! Revealbot will not only help you automate your ads and create rules but also keep all our data in one place! Imagine all the extra time you could have to create quality engaging content! That’s not all the Slack integration can do. The integration can also pull data from your Mailchimp account.

View Reports Instantly! 😃

Enter /reveal-reports from there select “Reports List.” See the example below…..


Once you select “Reports List” you will be taken to your Revealbot dashboard where you can then send reports to your email! Instead of creating reports every month or week to keep clients in the loop you can now forward them reports from Revealbot. 👍 Click “Test” next to your created report and within seconds your report will be sent to your email!


You can edit the reports and select which accounts you want reports for. This is a huge time saver! ⌛ Not only will you save time but now you can keep your clients updated without much hassle, they will be impressed!

Our Slack integration will not only save you time but it will also save you and your team a lot of headache! We all know that navigating back and forth between multiple tabs and windows is not only time consuming but it becomes flat out obnoxious when you have multiple accounts or clients. With this stellar integration you no longer will have to have multiple tabs or windows open to view all of your data. Let’s all take this time to cheers to that! 🍻

When you sign up for Revealbot you gain instant access to all your numbers within your Slack dashboard. This integration allows you to not only save time, but it keeps you and your team on the same page with what is happening with every campaign. When you look at all of our integrations as well as our automation processes you will see Revealbot sets the standard! Our Slack integration is one of the many aspects that sets Revealbot apart from the competition!

We would love to hear what you guys think about the integration! Comment below and let us know. 😎