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Recurring reports, easy

Find deep insights and double down on what’s working. Then, share results with custom scheduled reports.
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Break free from your Ads Manager addiction

Automate reports

Build and schedule reports for both your team and your clients.

Uncover new insights

Measure how your audiences and creatives perform across all of your campaigns.

Stay up-to-date

Easily follow your campaigns with customizable Slack and email alerts.

Top creatives

Pinpoint creatives that generate the best results

Find out what imagery resonates best with your audiences.

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Keep your team
in the loop

Update your team daily and show your results to clients and stakeholders with beautiful scheduled reports.

“Revealbot is integral to my agency for pushing alerts on optimisations from their automation engine into Slack, and updating us during the day on key account changes.”

Depesh Mandalia
‍Agency Owner of SMC
Slack Integration

Never miss a beat with Slack alerts

Stop checking on your campaigns all the time. Revealbot will do that for you.

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“We don't have to worry too much about looking at our accounts all the time. We'll get a Slack notification from Revealbot and then we'll know to look into why things aren't working.”

Kevin Urrutia
‍Agency Owner
Top Audiences

Discover your best and worst performing audiences

Find out which audiences do well and which fall flat by analyzing them across your ad accounts.

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