Facebook automated rules
cheat sheet

Revealbot allows you to turn your best ad management strategies into automated rules. Check out our examples below and start experimenting.

Pause type rules

You can pause your campaigns, ad sets or ads if they underdeliver or if you do dayparting, for instance, turn off all your ads overnight. Create multiple pause type rules and use different metrics across your funnel calculated for various time presets.


It’s ok to spend some amount to test your ad performance. But you want to pause before it drains your budget. Here is where Spend based rules come in handy.

Example: pause ad set when it spent $50 and had no conversions

High-level metrics

You can experiment with different creatives and see how your ads perform on early stages of the funnel. Define thresholds for cost per click, click-through rate, cost per 1,000 and other high-level metrics and set spend limit for such experiments


If your ad sets are active but a few people click on them – there must be something wrong with your creatives. Try different copies, different pictures, videos and set the rule to pause ads that underperform.

Example: pause ad sets if Click Through Rate (CTR) is below 1%


If it costs more to acquire a customer than to get profit, the first step is to revisit your ad campaigns. Cost Per Acquisition rules will help you pause inefficient ads based on your conversion values (Cost per Mobile App Install, Purchase, Lead, etc.).

Example: pause ad sets when Cost per Purchase is greater than $8
Note: we’ve added Spend > $50 (you can use any relevant number here) to make sure that there is enough statistical data to evaluate Cost Per Purchase.


ROAS is one of the most used metrics showing overall efficiency of ads. ROAS of 2 or 200% means you earn twice as much as you spend on ads.
Return on ad spend (ROAS) = Purchase revenue / Spend


You can turn off your ads for the night or on specific days when they usually don't perform well. Use Time greater / Time less conditions together with custom schedule for the most precise result.

In Schedule section, turn on Custom and set specific time point between 10 and 11 PM, e.g. 10:30 PM. That way the rule would run and switch off your ad at 10:30 PM.

Mobile apps

Mobile app checkouts, installs, purchases or cost per level completed and trial started – experiment with mobile app specific metrics to optimize your app funnel.


Final stage of the funnel. Use the rules to make sure your purchases don't cost you more than you want them to.

Start type rules

Use start type rules to have your campaigns, ad sets or ads on a specific schedule or when you track down late purchases.


You can start your ad sets at the times when they perform best. Or if you have your campaigns spread across different time zones and you want to start them early in the morning in local time.

Example: start ad set at 4:30 AM

Go to Schedule section, turn on Custom and set time to 4:30 AM.

Late purchases

Depending on attribution window, Facebook keeps tracking performance of recently paused ad. People who saw that ads or clicked on it earlier can start purchasing and that way improve performance metrics of the already paused ad. In such case you might want to restart an ad set, so that it could bring more purchases.

If conversions happen within a week after pausing an ad set

If conversions happen within a day after the pause

Late purchases (for mobile apps)

If conversions happen within a week after pausing an ad set

If conversions happen within a day after the pause

Budget change type rules

If one of your ad sets is performing well, you surely want to increase its reach to make sure more people see it and convert. With Revealbot you can adjust your budget by a certain amount or percentage, set it to some value and define how often you want to do that.

Don't forget you can also use decrease budget type rules in case you don't want to necessarily pause an ad set for good.