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Revealbot Partner Program

Let’s become partners and grow together

Work directly with the Revealbot team and help build each other’s businesses.
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Leverage Revealbot’s partner program and reach an entirely new audience

Deliver unique content

Recreate your ad management tactics as Revealbot Strategies that you can share with your audience.

Reach a new audience

• Expert Directory
• Marketing Collaboration

Get a share of revenue

Earn up to 15% of revenue generated from new clients you refer for as long as their subscription is active.


Get listed on our directory and be discovered

Once you’re a “trusted partner”, you’ll have your own profile page where you can showcase your expertise on our website.

Your profile will be highlighted in our directory

Opportunity for you to create strategies and share it publicly with our audience


Create your unique Revealbot Strategies

Build and share your automation tactics as templates your audience can use in just a few clicks

Strategies are shown off on your profile and serves as high-value content to your audience.

Anyone who signs up through your Strategy is automatically credited as your referral.


Reach our users through co-marketing campaigns

Work directly with Revealbot’s marketing team to produce new content for each other’s audiences

Collaborate on co-marketing activities such as blog posts, webinars, and more.

Receive expert spotlights and get your work featured in content we produce.

Earn a share of revenue by referring customers

Get rewarded for supporting us in driving the ad automation movement

Earn up to 15% of monthly revenue for every customer you refer for as long as they’re subscribed.

Receive a unique tracking link to invite others to automate their ad campaigns with Revealbot.

Track all signs ups, conversions, and share in revenue through your partner dashboard.

Your potentional earnings

Plan 49
by having 1 active referral under our $299.00/mo plan
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More tools to help us
be successful together

Partner dashboard

Track every Revealbot Strategy you make, link you share, referral you convert, and revenue you earn in one dashboard.

Dedicated partnership manager

Have questions about the program or need help getting started? We have a dedicated partnership manager who can help.

Resources and training material

Ready-to-use partner templates, assets,
and content at your disposal.

Would you make a good expert?

Everyone is welcome to sign up, but here are the qualities we see in successful Revealbot experts.

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You have an audience

Have a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel that attracts marketers? How about a social following? Our most successful partnerships come from leveraging our audiences together.

You’re an agency

Get referred and recognized as an ad automation and Revealbot expert by hundreds of our customers.

You believe in automation

You see the power and value automation has in marketing and advertising and you want to help drive the ad automation movement forward with Revealbot.

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