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Match by Creative

Analyze the highest performing creatives across all campaigns and ad accounts

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Revealbot automatically finds and groups identical creatives through all your campaigns and ad accounts. View metrics on a campaign level or drill down to the ad level to see how individual creatives perform.

Group Creatives by Name

Test creative variants

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Analyze performance at different funnels, placements, landing pages, and more by tagging your ads and grouping them into assets with naming filters.

70% less time

spent on buliding creative reports

Revealbot helps marketers do more with less work

Match by Post IDs

Discover which posts bring the most revenue

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Re-use your high performing ads and merge creatives across multiple posts with the same IDs to analyze which post generates the most revenue.

Custom metrics

Build reports around custom metrics

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Make your Custom metrics as variables to track creatives performance and report on KPIs that matter for your buisness.

Collaborate with the creative team

Speed up creative reporting for team and clients

Automate updates

Brief clients with auto-updates and scheduled reports

Export data

Export raw data to use in your reporting pipeline

Filter metrics

Show your clients specific insights with filters

Share reports

Share reports with the creativeproduction team and clients

More tools to help you get the most out of your creative analysis

Compare with previous period

Track how your creatives perform over time. Choose from predefined periods or set your own

Launch new campaigns

Easily launch new campaigns with your top-performing creatives. Or add them to existing ones

Top audience reports

Understand which audiences do well and which fall flat by analyzing them across multiple campaigns and ad accounts

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Automate campaign analysis. Automate growth.
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✓  14-day free trial
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