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Connecting your ad accounts to Revealbot



Hello, my name is Reggie and in this video course I'm going to show you how to become a master with Revealbot. I'm going to start from the very beginning from showing you how to connect your ad accounts all the way to the advanced rules to help you automate and scale your Facebook ad campaigns. To follow along, open up Revealbot in a separate window or tab.

I'll be walking you through setting up a brand new account. But before I can show you around, we need to connect some ad accounts so we can have something to work with.

In the bottom left corner, open your profile menu and click "integrations."

On this integrations page, you can connect all the platforms and ad accounts you want to access within Revealbot. At the time of making this video, you can connect the Facebook, Google, and Snapchat platforms for automation and reports, while Slack just for reporting and notifications.

Let's first set up a Facebook ad account. To start, click the Facebook ads box. For Revealbot to find all your ad accounts, start with connecting your Facebook profile by clicking "Add profile." You'll be taken to Facebook to authorize access. Click "continue" in the pop-up box, and select "ok." Back in Revealbot, your profile will now be loaded displaying all the ad accounts your Facebook profile is connected to. Just flip the toggle on for each ad account you want to connect to Revealbot. Only toggle on the ad accounts you want to use Revealbot with so their ad spend won't count towards your current plan.

After toggling on the ad accounts you want to connect, they will be queued for a review. Because Revealbot is a part of the Facebook Marketing Partner program, Facebook makes us liable if our users violate their policies. Most ad accounts are automatically approved through our system in a few minutes, but it can take up to one business day if a manual review is required.

Back on the integrations page, open Facebook Insights and toggle on the ad accounts you want Revealbot to work with. Back on the integrations page again, we can open Instagram to connect your Instagram accounts.

Connecting other platforms and accounts work much in the same way. Go ahead and connect the rest of the accounts you want to work within Revealbot and I'll see you in the next lesson showing you around app.