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Launch campaigns with best creatives and audiences

Try Bulk creation

Get a holistic view of your ads and launch campaigns with best-performers

Top creatives

Get a bird’s eye view of your ads and launch new campaigns with top-performing creatives at a click of a button

Top audiences

Focus on users that convert by analyzing all of your audiences in one place to identify which drive the most value

Easy creative and audience testing

Try Bulk creation

Quickly set up multiple ad sets and ads. Upload images and videos in bulk to automatically create ad variations.

Creative sets

Creative sets allow you to easily manage creatives even when you are dealing with hundreds of ads by joining them into groups.


Automatically add tags from your naming convention to new campaigns, ad sets, and ads


Revealbot will automatically check your ads for validity and notify if they are at risk of not passing the ad network moderation

A better way to boost organic posts

Try Post boosting

You can create ads using content from your best-performing Instagram and Facebook posts to boost them with better control of targeting parameters.

Sophisticated conditions

Set triggers for auto boosting when a post reaches a certain number of organic impressions, engagement, click rate, or if it contains a keyword in the post copy.

Full audience control

Target page fans, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting audiences

Stay updated

Keep track of auto-boosted posts via automatic notifications in Slack or email and in real-time right inside your Revealbot account

Work efficiently with audiences and creatives

Focus on creatives and audiences that drive value to your business.

Lookalike buider

Up to 20% broader criteria to reach more leads.

Split audiences

Split audiences based on age, gender, location, interest and more.

ABC lookalikes

Build lookalikes with precise settings based on specific Ad sets.

Sync audiences SOON

Auto updated custom video audiences and audiences based on Customers’ data.

Focus on creatives and audiences that drive value to your business.

Top creatives

Get a holistic overview of your ads’ performance and quickly launch new campaigns with most successful imagery.

Mix media

Manage creatives more efficiently by combining different media types in one set

Media library

Image and video previews, folders, fast media upload with drag’n’drop


Keep everything organized by moving images and videos into folders with drag'n'drop

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