Test more ads
in less time

Use automation to create new ads and ad variations in seconds.

Automation does what you
don’t have time for

Get hours back

Focus on things automation can’t do, like strategy and creatives.

Frictionless testing

Upload your media and copy to create dozens of ad variations in seconds.

More social proof

Reuse and get the most out of existing ads with high social engagement.

If I need to test five images and three different angles for copy, I'd have to spend 30 to 45 minutes just to make 15 ad variations. With Revealbot's Bulk Creation, I can do it in just five minutes.”

Alessandro Gargiulo
Facebook Ads Consultant

Automatically create ads from your best organic posts

Boost posts without babysitting.

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Choose how much engagement a post needs to be boosted.

Or auto boost posts that contain a keyword, like “sale.”

Use Instagram content as a source for Facebook ads.

Launch dozens of ad variations in a single workflow

Eliminate time-consuming creative setup and testing for good.

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Upload media and copy then Revealbot will create all possible ad combinations.

Select existing audiences or create new ones you want to run the ads to.

Create all the ads you need while staying organized.

Keep social proof when creating new ads

Get easy access to reuse previous ads with all their engagement.

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Select the items you want post IDs from manually or dynamically with filters.

One-click export a CSV file with all your post IDs for easy access.

Keep a record of all your post ID exports to quickly pull them again and again.

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