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All Revealbot features


Build automations tailored to your goals. Choose from hundreds of pre-defined metrics and actions or create custom ones. Learn more


Visual builder

Build automations as complex as you need with a powerful, yet intuitive editor.

Nested conditions

Create complex Rules by grouping conditions with AND/OR operators.

Metric comparison

Compare metric to metric over the same or different timeframes.

Ranking conditions

Create conditions around an item’s relative performance.


Receive alerts about triggered actions by email or in Slack.


Run automations as frequently as every 15 minutes or create a custom timeframe.

Rule Sharing

Apply one rule to multiple accounts, simultaneously.

Google Sheets integration

Create unique metrics based on custom data from spreadsheets.

Attribution platforms

Automate your marketing decisions based on external attribution data.



Wicked Reports


A library of pre-built automations designed for campaign growth.

Folders and categories

Organize Rules into folders and categories, and move what you don’t use into a trash can.

Bulk edit

Edit Rules faster – in bulk.

Automation logs

Understand why items were (or were not) affected by automations.

Track what ads were affected

Analyze results and optimize your automated rules with historical log reports.


Debug where automated rules should have or should not have fired.

Custom metrics

Make your own metrics as a calculation or as a variable to store a static number.

Powerful metrics

Create custom metrics tailored to your marketing objective.

Google Sheets integration

Trigger automations based on data in a Google Sheet and create unique metrics based on spreadsheets.

AppsFlyer integration

Automate your marketing decisions based on the external attribution data.

Custom timeframes

Make the exact performance windows you care about.

Granular set up with time periods

Create your own time period you care about. Choose a detail level: Days or hours.

Rules and report supported

Specify precise timeframes and use them in Rules, Reports, Top creatives and audiences.


Update your team daily and show your results to clients and stakeholders with customizable scheduled reports. Learn more

Customizable reports

Build reports as complex as you need using a powerful drag-and-drop editor.


KPIs, Line charts, Pie charts and Breakdowns.

Deliver on schedule

Easily follow your campaigns with customizable Slack and email alerts.

Top creatives Meta Ads TikTok Ads

Understand what imagery performs best with your audiences. Learn more

Compare with previous period

Track how your creatives perform over time. Choose from predefined periods or set your own in a calendar.

Share reports with the team

Keep your team updated. Share reports  with applied filters, limiting the scope to relevant data sets.

Schedule updates

Set up scheduled reports. Reports will automatically update daily, weekly or monthly, and you will be notified by email or Slack.

Track performance of individual ads

Click on a creative after generating a creatives report for a per-ad performance breakdown of all ads sharing that creative.

Custom metrics available

Expand the list of available metrics with math operators or by bringing your own data from a third-party source.

Match creatives by Post ID

Group ad creatives by post IDs across different ad accounts.

Compare groups of ads using naming filters

Create and compare ad groups using name tags to analyze the performance of ad variants. You can use naming filters on Ad set and Campaign levels.

Multiple Ad accounts available

Fetch and analyze creatives performance across multiple ad accounts in a single report.

Integration with Bulk Creation

Optimize campaigns by selecting your top-performing creatives and generating new creative sets consisting only of top-performers.

CSV export

Export your Top Creatives report to CSV file and share a link with any person out of your Revealbot account

Top audiences Meta Ads

Understand which audiences do well and which fall flat by analyzing them across multiple campaigns and ad accounts.

Discover top performing audiences

Analyze the overall performance of each audience using data from all campaigns where it is used.

Custom metrics available

Use custom metrics to compare audiences across multiple ad accounts.

Share reports with the team

Keep your team updated. Apply filters and share a link to give your colleagues quick access to information.

Build audiences with ease

Use your Top Audiences to build a new audience easily with the same parameters for launching new ads.

Compare audiences

Compare parameters of individual audiences by checking them in the list of your top performers.

Compare with previous period

Compare audiences results with the data from previous period. Choose predefined period or select calendar dates to track changes over time.

CSV export

Export your Top Audiences report to CSV file and share a link with any person out of your Revealbot account

Bulk creation Meta Ads

Streamline how you launch large advertising campaigns. Upload images and videos in bulk to automatically create ad variations with ease. Learn more

Templates workflow

Save time by reusing campaign templates with pre-set settings.

Easy to track the actions

Track who did what: creation tasks are saved in Live-View and on the Homepage in the “Recent activity” section.


Automatically add tags from your naming convention to new campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

Flexible schedule

Reach audiences when they’re most active by setting custom schedule for the campaign start/end date.

Create dozens of ads at a time

Possible to create dozens of ads at a time - creative set components such as media, texts, headline, description, website URL, display link are multiplied.

Split audiences

The audience can be split by specific parameter and the system will create a separate identical creative set for each split.

Validation before launch campaign

Validation on the review step allows to debug all errors before the ad campaign is created.

Full data

Possible to select existing posts from Facebook page and Instagram shown with previews and metrics.

Mixed creative set

Add image and video together in one creative set with ease.

Media library

Keep everything organized with folders and drag-drop in Media Library that includes photo&video previews.

Integration with Top Creatives

Quickly launch effective campaigns that feature your top-performing creatives.

Integration with Top Audiences

Quickly launch campaigns that target your top-performing audiences.

“All/at least one” feature for Include option in Audiences

Precisely target users who are either in at least one of the selected audience or in all selected audiences at the same time.

Post boosting Meta Ads

Automatically turn your best performing posts into ads. Learn more

Sophisticated conditions for rules

Automatically promote Facebook or Instagram posts once they meet custom conditions.

Full audience control

Target page fans, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting audiences.

Stay updated

Keep track of auto-boosted posts via automatic notifications in Slack or email and in real-time right inside your Revealbot account.

Custom audiences Meta Ads

Create Custom audiences which automatically update as new leads are pulled in

Sync customer list

Use your spreadsheets to create Custom audiences which can be updated automatically as new leads are added to the customer list.

Sync video audiences

Select video sources to build a custom audience - people engaged with all new videos added to the Facebook or Instagram page will be included in the audience.

Lookalike builder Meta Ads

Continuously generate lookalike audiences from high-performing ad sets or create lookalikes in bulk.


Use campaigns and ad sets as a seed for a lookalike audience — audiences are dynamically updated as you get new conversions.

Up to 20% LAL audience

Select from 1% to 20% of the combined users in your selected locations to create broader lookalike audience.


Add tags to the lookalikes to easily identify them in your ad account.

Post ID Export Meta Ads

Boost engagement and conversion with social proof by reusing existing posts and ads in new ad sets. Learn more

Export post IDs fast

Choose any number of campaigns, ad sets, or ads and export all post IDs in a single file.

Get more engagement

Keep all social proof and get a higher Relevance Score, lower CPM, and higher ROAS.

Create new ads using existing posts

Add post IDs in Bulk сreation to generate dozens of ads at once.


See Rule activation logs and track user activity in your Revealbot account.

Track everything

See what happened in the last 24 hours. Rules triggered, budget changes, ads paused, and much more.

Team history

See how your teammates interact with Rules, reports and more.


Limit access to certain features by assigning users to different roles.

Restrict access to ad accounts

Define ad accounts each user can see and manage.

Invite clients

You will always be connected with your clients.


Meta Ads

Create a fully automated system with a complete suite of automation tools.


Automatically turn organic posts on Instagram into ads once they meet certain performance conditions.

Google Ads

Build automations without scripts and create reports for the whole team.

Snapchat Ads

Scale profitable snaps and optimize your cost per swipe with automation.

TikTok Ads

Create automations with advanced tools that go beyond what is possible in TikTok ads natively.


Automate your marketing decisions based on the external attribution data.


Connect the messenger where you want your reports to go.

Google Sheets

Use external data and values from a spreadsheet in automated Rules.

Google Analytics

Use your Google Analytics data in reports.

Wicked Reports

Pull the attribution data straight from the Wicked Reports, and use it in your Meta automation Rules and custom metrics.


Increase the accuracy of your ads management by integrating Hyros with automated Rules and custom metrics.


Use your YouTube stats in reports.

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