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Automate your Facebook ad strategies and management to boost ROAS and save time with our Facebook ad automation and optimization tool.

Why Revealbot will be your new favorite Facebook ad tool

Don’t you love sitting around watching your ads all day? We didn’t think so. Here’s how Revealbot helps you do more.

Automate your daily routine

Automate more than you thought possible with an automation constructor more powerful and flexible than Facebook’s native automated rules.

Spend less time in Ads Manager

Obtain peace of mind knowing your automations are executing your Facebook ad management strategies 24/7 exactly how you need them to.

Manage automations with ease

Easily build and maintain automations across multiple ad accounts with a purpose-built Facebook ads automation platform.

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Revealbot Strategies: Pre-built automations

Use our library of automations created by Facebook ad experts to immediately get proven tactics to scale campaigns profitably.

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Superior to Facebook automated rules in every way

Visual builder

Build automations as complex as you need in a beautiful drag-and-drop interface.

Multiple actions

Choose more than 20 actions to automate and multiple together in a single automation.

Comparison conditions

Compare metrics to another metric or to its ranking.

Custom conditions

Use custom metrics and timeframes in conditions.

Automation Logs

Understand why items were (or were not) affected by automations.

External data

Create unique metrics based on spreadsheets and use as you want.


Get alerts to your email or Slack about triggered actions or errors.

More frequent

Schedule automations to run as frequently as every 15 minutes. Or completely customize it.

The only Facebook Ad management software you need

Automate ad creation and analysis, too.

Generate dozens of ads at once and keep the best

With Bulk Creation, you can generate dozens of ads by multiplying different variations of titles, copies, images, videos, audiences and more.

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A/B test everything

Quickly split audiences and find
the winning ad variation for each audience.

Speed up your workflow

Use macros to create UTM tags and set up ad sets naming convention. Have automated rules manage newly created ads for you.

Save hours creating ads

Create heaps of ad variations in a matter of minutes.

Automatically boost organic posts to custom audiences

Automatically turn organic posts on Facebook and Instagram into ads once they meet certain performance conditions.

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Keep social proof

Auto boost both Facebook and Instagram posts while keeping all reactions and comments.

Full audience control

Target boosted posts to custom, retargeting, and even lookalike audiences.

Completely automated

Just set performance conditions once and let Revealbot do the rest.

Keep social proof by reusing existing posts

Download any number of post IDs in a single export. Create dozens of ads fast in Revealbot's Bulk Creation – keep all likes, comments, and shares.

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Get more engagement

Keep all social proof and get higher Relevance Score, lower CPM, and higher ROAS.

Create new ads using existing posts

Add post IDs in Revealbot's Bulk Creation to generate many ads at once.

Export post IDs fast

Choose any number of campaigns, ad sets or ads and export all post IDs in a single file.

Discover new ways to improve and report on KPIs

Easily make beautiful performance dashboards and reports to share with your team and even directly with your clients.

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Stay updated with alerts

Integrate Facebook ads with Slack and set up alerts for performance and automations.

Show off performance with reports

Build customizable dashboards and reports to keep executives and clients up to date.

Find your top audiences

Analyze the total performance of similar audiences across all campaigns.

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