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Turn your best Facebook advertising strategies into automated rules to boost ROAS and save time with our Facebook ad automation tool.
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Facebook ad software with an advanced rule constructor

Create rules to pause, start, duplicate, change budgets and bids, or set new bid strategies when your conditions are met.

Custom metrics

Create Custom Metrics and variables using any combination of numbers, standard metrics, and mathematical operators to use in automated rules.

Metric comparison

Increase budget only when the best ad sets spent the most of it. Or turn off the worst ad sets that show below campaign average ROAS.

15 minute rule check frequency

Define how you want your rules to be checked: from every 15 minutes continuously or at certain time on a specific day of the week.

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Facebook ad budgets managed last month

Spend less time managing ads

Your rules organized

Apply rules to multiple ad accounts – duplicate & edit rules in a few clicks. Drag-n-drop rules into folders to keep them organized.

Not managing ads
≠ managing rules

Set up the rules once, using the name and delivery filters. The rules will automatically include all the ads you create.

Know all the ins-and-outs

Track rules performance in easy-to-read Logs. All rules checks are recorded and available to you at any time.

auto post boosting

Grow your following by auto-boosting top posts

  • Full control over campaign objectives and optimization events
  • Detailed targeting: lookalike and retargeting audiences based on events tracked by pixel
  • Automatically promote posts once they meet custom conditions
  • Use your best performing Instagram content as a source for Facebook Ads
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bulk creation

Generate dozens of ads at once and keep the best

With Bulk Creation, you can generate dozens of ads by multiplying different variations of titles, copies, images, videos, audiences and more.

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A/B test everything

Quickly split audiences and find
the winning ad variation for each audience.

Speed up your workflow

Use macros to create UTM tags and set up ad sets naming convention. Have automated rules manage newly created ads for you.

Save hours creating ads

Create heaps of ad variations
in a matter of minutes.

post id export

Keep social proof by reusing existing posts

Download any number of post IDs in a single export. Create dozens of ads fast in Revealbot's Bulk Creation – keep all likes, comments, and shares.

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Get more engagement

Keep all social proof and get higher Relevance Score, lower CPM, and higher ROAS.

Export post IDs fast

Choose any number of campaigns, ad sets or ads and export all post IDs in a single file.

Create new ads using existing posts

Add post IDs in Revealbot's Bulk Creation to generate many ads at once.


Pre-packaged automated rules proven to scale campaigns

Need help to get started with automated rules? Revealbot Strategies is your personal library of proven, ready-to-use automation strategies.

Get automating fast

If you’re new to automated rules, Strategies are the perfect tool to help you get started.

Strategies to help you scale

Choose from proven, expert strategies to help you scale campaigns profitably.

Ever growing library

We will be continuing to grow the library with more types of rules for all types of campaigns.


Share wins and stay updated with Facebook ad reports in Slack and email

You don’t need to constantly monitor your progress in front of the screen – get notifications in Slack or email every time your rule is triggered. And share your wins with the team in Slack or email.

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