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Snapchat Ads

Improve ROAS with Snapchat Ads automation software

Scale profitable snaps and optimize your cost per swipe by using our advanced automated rules constructor for Snapchat Ads.
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Automate Snapchat Ads to scale efficiently

Revealbot brings automated rules to Snapchat Ads. Create rules to pause, start, and adjust budgets when your conditions are met.

Visual builder

Build automations as complex as you need in a beautiful drag-and-drop interface.

Multiple actions

Choose more than 20 actions to automate and multiple together in a single automation.

Nested conditions

Group conditions together with AND/OR operators.

Automation logs

Understand why items were (or were not) affected by automations.


Get alerts to your email or Slack about triggered actions or errors.

More frequent

Schedule automations to run as frequently as every 15 minutes. Or completely customize it.

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A Snapchat Ads management tool focused on automation

Every part of your unique Snapchat Ads strategy can be optimized. Automated rules work with all types of campaigns, ad squads, ads, and goals.

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Scale with
100% efficiency

You know when to turn off an ad or increase its budget — just set up the rule conditions and Revealbot will take care of the rest. Continuously.

Stay in the loop with Slack and email notifications

Know exactly how your campaigns are doing without having to refresh ad account dashboards every hour. Set up notifications when rules are triggered and send it to your team in Slack or email.

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Automate Snapchat ads. Automate growth.
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