How to boost your Facebook Ads using automated rules

We will show how to optimize Facebook Ads using real business cases. 40% off the Pro plan for all attendees.

Webinar Starts April 26, 1 PM PDT

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About Webinar

Every Thursday on 1 PM PST we make webinars for marketers, founders, and all our active customers. We use real-life examples (we find new business cases every week) to show how to optimize Facebook Ads with Reveal.

Our special guests are the experts from growth hacking and marketing communities, who have hands-on experience with Facebook Ads.

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Chief Communication Officer
Iskander Musaev

Chief Communication Officer

Why to Attend?

  1. Live access to unique online content.
  2. Downloadable PDF with automation rules cheat sheet.
  3. Every webinar attendee gets a special deal – 40% off the first month
  4. Access to all content on demand after the webinar. Watch at your convenience.
  5. The ability to chat live with marketing experts. Ask your questions.
  6. Personal consultation on how to set up automated rules after the event. The perfect way to learn fast.

Learn how to automate your Facebook Ads to sell more

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