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Alessandro saves time managing ads with Revealbot so he can take on more clients

Alessandro Gargiulo, Consultant & Ecom owner

6 hrs

saved per per day on ad management

Naples, Italy
Revealbot user
1 year

"Every single thing I do manually can be automated, like testing creatives and creating variations for all the copy and ad creatives, or manual bidding campaigns during the day (and night). Before Revealbot, I had to work full time on all ad accounts I manage. With Revealbot, I only need 1 or 2 hours per day. I just need to work on strategy and creatives, because everything else is automated.”

Alessandro Gargiulo
Consultant & Ecom owner


As the owner of multiple ecommerce stores, a consultant with several clients, and a coach teaching Facebook ad strategies, Alessandro has a lot on his plate.

The major challenge for Alessandro was spending less time managing all his various ad campaigns while retaining or even improving their performance at the same time.

Because of his limited time, he was not able to grow his stores as fast as he wanted or help as many clients as he wanted at any single time.


In his pursuit of increasing Facebook ad performance and time efficiency, Alessandro looked to automation. After experimenting with Facebook’s automated rules, he knew there should be something better out there and tried other tools like Madgicx to see what was possible.

After being unsatisfied with the solutions he had tried, he found Revealbot to be the exact solution he was looking for because Revealbot was the only tool he could reliably automate most of his ad management strategies and tactics.

In addition to Revealbot’s automation builder, Alessandro heavily relies on Revealbot’s Bulk Creation to more quickly launch creative tests, allowing him to test more in less time.


By automating most of his manual ad management strategies and tactics, Alessandro was able to free up 80% of his work day, which has allowed him to take on more clients and invest more time into hosting events for the coaching side of his business.

Along with the time savings, Revealbot automations have improved the performance of his Facebook ad campaigns, earning him better cost-efficiency for his stores’ ad campaigns and better results for his clients.

Now with more time and budget, Alessandro is able to spend more time finding creative ways to achieve better results and more angles to try for his various ad campaigns.

"Revealbot helps me do much more in less time. In one day, I can do what I normally do in a week. Better ROAS, better results for my clients, I can manage more clients, I can find more creative ways to achieve better results, and I can test more ads and angles than I could before. I save time, I save money, and I make more money."

Alessandro Gargiulo
Consultant & Ecom owner

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