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Scentbird improves efficiency by doing 80% more creative testing

Oleg Popov, VP of Growth


decrease in spend on zero-conversion ads


decrease in time spent on manual optimization and testing


more split tests
with Revealbot

Scentbird is about the fun and magic of fragrance. We designed Scentbird for the pickiest girl- or boy- to let you date luxury perfumes before marrying them.
New York, NY
Revealbot user
for 3 years

"Revealbot offers the perfect combination of quality results and keen pricing. Its flexible set of rules allows us to build complicated scenarios that just wouldn’t be available to us with other tools. This is a really advanced product that’s helped us drive value in terms of our Facebook ad spend."

Oleg Popov
VP of Growth, Scentbird


Scentbird offers its subscribers the chance to try out fresh new designer fragrances every month, without the need to commit to a full-sized purchase. With customized recommendations and over 450 names to choose from, Scentbird makes fragrance shopping simple and fun.

As an ecommerce startup, Scentbird was on a mission to scale its ad campaigns in the most cost-effective way possible. It particularly wanted to reduce the amount that it spent on ads that brought few or no conversions.

With customized recommendations and over 450 names to choose from, Scentbird makes fragrance shopping simple and fun.


Scentbird relies on split (A/B) testing to help it identify the perfect combinations of ad content, targeting, placement and bidding to drive the best return on ad spend. However, with a significant advertising budget at stake, Scentbird needed to scale its ad campaigns in a way that would bring maximum returns, without increasing team time spent on campaign management.

To achieve this, Scentbird asked Revealbot, one of the newest Facebook Marketing Partners, to help it run more ad campaigns in the most cost- and time-efficient way possible. Revealbot offers advanced ad campaign automation that uses rules—including custom rules that can be set by the advertiser based on the metrics that mean the most to them, such as cost per click, overall campaign budget, time metrics and return on ad spend.

Using Revealbot’s ad automation platform over a 3-month period, Scentbird increased its split test campaigns, using ad set segmentation with custom tags that could be set automatically. Different sets of rules were applied to each segment, so that Scentbird could test one ad strategy against another. Revealbot’s platform also allowed it to automatically increase or decrease budget, manage bid actions and start, pause and un-pause campaigns, based on the rule conditions it had set.


Scentbird’s 2018 campaigns using Revealbot’s platform enabled it to significantly scale its Facebook ad campaigns, while reducing work hours and unnecessary ad spend.

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