Post ID Export

Maintain social proof with Post ID Export for Facebook ads

Download any number of post IDs in a single export. Create dozens of ads fast in Revealbot Bulk Creation – keep all likes, comments, and shares.

How Post ID Export works

Reuse existing posts and ads in new ad sets to keep social proof and your products looking popular.

Get more engagement

Keep all social proof and get a higher Relevance Score, lower CPM, and higher ROAS.

Export post IDs fast

Choose any number of campaigns, ad sets, or ads and export all post IDs in a single file.

Create new ads using existing posts

Add post IDs in Revealbot Bulk Creation to generate dozens of ads at once.

Post ID Export is the fastest way to get all your post IDs

Bulk select specific ads and posts to grab post IDs for.

Select ads and posts with dynamic filters including status, and text in the name.

Export as a .CSV file.

Works seamlessly with Revealbot Bulk Creation and Revealbot Automation.

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