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Automatic Facebook & Instagram post boosting

Automatically promote your best content and keep control of your objectives and audiences

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Set conditions and let it boost

Use auto-boosting to promote posts to get the most attention. Just set the rules once and let Revealbot boost posts for you.

Set conditions

Set conditions for auto-boosting: when a post reaches a certain level of organic engagement, or just promote all newly published posts of a certain type.

Define parameters

Assign budget and promotion period for auto-boosted posts. Activate the rule and see ad sets created automatically based on your custom conditions.

Follow the performance

Keep track of auto-boosted posts via automatic notifications in Slack or email and live right in your Revealbot account.

Grow following by auto-boosting your best content

  • Full control over campaign objectives and optimization events
  • Detailed targeting: look-alike and retargeting audiences based on events tracked by pixel
  • Automatically promote posts once they meet custom conditions
  • Use your best performing Instagram content as a source for Facebook Ads

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