Marco helped his client increase their sales by 253% while decreasing CPA by 25.87%

Marco Battaglia
Owner and Advertising Manager
Marco Battaglia
Revealbot user
for 1 year


increase in sales over 6 months


decrease in CPA
over 6 months

6 Figures

monthly revenue with peaks of 320+ orders per day


Elisir D is one of the biggest sellers of Vitamin D and other minerals in Italy. Their Facebook Ads account was initially managed by their CEO, Edoardo, but he needed someone to come in and really help take Elisir D’s campaigns to the next level in terms of scaling and growing their business. Edoardo hired Marco to rebuild his entire paid social program.

Upon getting started with Edoardo and Elisir D, Marco immediately noticed that the account structure lacked organization and a universal nomenclature that would make it easy to read the data. In addition, there were dozens of active campaigns, which made it difficult even for Facebook’s algorithm to optimize them. Marco was tasked to scale orders while maintaining a profitable ROAS of at least 2.2 or higher.

“Marco has led our company to constant growth thanks to his performance marketing campaigns on Facebook. Cost management and scaling were also excellent"

Edoardo Colombo, CEO


Marco knew he needed help or a tool to help him streamline his process and strategies as he was taking on more and more clients. He had previously been using Facebook Ads Manager only and manually monitoring his campaigns. He spent countless hours on operational tasks which left him little time to spend strategizing with his clients. He knew Facebook’s native automated rules weren’t doing everything he wanted it to do and needed to find an alternative. After testing out a few different tools, Marco decided to fully commit to Revealbot because of the flexibility and reliability of the tool.

After implementing and learning all about Revealbot, he was able to refine his process and get a lot of time back. Thanks to constant creative and audience testing with Revealbot, Marco could validate marketing angles quicker and actually find true winners for their prospecting campaigns.

With Revealbot, he was able to come up with a solid plan for Elisir D:

  1. Marco started by keeping all the campaigns that had historically brought results active. His strategy here was to gradually implement new frameworks, starting with retargeting campaigns.

  2. The account needed to be simplified, so structuring the campaigns into phases of the funnel was crucial.

  3. Once the foundation was established, Marco would test several campaigns using his Revealbot strategies he had set up.

  4. He got video testimonials from Elisir D’s most trusted customers to use as ad creatives.

  5. He optimized landing page load times to improve conversion rates.

“Thanks to Revealbot, we combined our aggressive manual bidding and surfing strategies to scale our client’s business to six figures per month.”


Implementing Revealbot brought massive results from the very beginning in terms of increasing volume, reducing turnover and bringing in new customers. This allowed Elisir D to hire more team members to build better relationships with each customer after their purchase.

In the long term, the main impact was an increase in recurring purchases, and therefore an increase in the LTV of each customer leading to higher profitability.

Marco’s new manual bid campaign structure and aggressive surfing strategies, helped the business grow daily orders from about 75 to over 320 orders per day.

All of this, Marco says, wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Revealbot.

“We were able not only to decrease CPA by 25% over a 6 month period, but were also able to scale the business up to 320+ orders per day. None of this could’ve been possible without Revealbot. They’ve brought our Facebook ads to a completely new level.”


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