facebook ads: bulk creation

Bulk Facebook ad creation.

Set up multiple ad sets and ads fast. Upload images and videos in bulk to automatically create ad variations with ease.

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How Facebook ad bulk creation works

Save hours creating ads

Create many ad sets with various ad element variations (video, image, headline, etc) in a matter of minutes.

Speed up your workflow

Use macros to create UTM tags and set up ad sets naming convention.

A/B test everything

Quickly split audiences and find the winning ad variation for each audience.

Bulk Creation allows you to test different components of your ad across different audiences. It is simple and quick. Creation helps you eliminate time-consuming setup and get the most out of your budget.

But don’t just create – automate

Use Creation with other Revealbot products. Automation would help you optimize your campaigns by just setting your thresholds for the metrics. And Reports would help you stay on track of your performance across different channels.

Automate ad routine

Set up automated rules to scale your campaigns based on performance.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Set up reports and Slack notifications that will keep you in the loop of your performance.

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