14 Facebook Ad Examples for Ad Creative Inspiration

14 Facebook Ad Examples for Ad Creative Inspiration

There's nothing more important than the creative when it comes to making Facebook ads work.

And one of the biggest challenges that comes with making good ad creatives is producing them and finding inspiration for how to make your ad. So we've curated a number of Facebook ad examples you can use to find your next ideas for an ad creative.

Our collection of example Facebook ads include ad creatives of all different types, but mostly video. They are videos made from still images, user-generated-content (UGC) videos, and even higher production videos.

Key takeaways from the best Facebook ads
  • Make use of videos, even from still images, to capture engagement
  • Text overlay is critical for user engagement and message retention
  • Video testimonials from influencers or UGC style are working very well for retaining attention of creating purchase intent
  • Structure videos with fast-paced storytelling to more likely keep users watching the video until the end

BYLT Basics

BYLT Basics sells stylish modern apparel to make that "best day" your new "every day."

They recently launched a new campaign targeting golf advocates to highlight the latest release of their new Fairway Pullover.

This cool, calm video creative features a quick overview of the product with animated overlays. The music captures the user’s attention right away and syncs with the headline to give a clear message about the new product launch.

The video edits show fast-forward cuts of the product in use. They highlight a golf ball being thrown in the air to delight golfers and evoke the excitement of wearing their new pullover on the fairway.


KITSCH is a self-financed, female-owned accessory brand for women built on positivity. In our favorite user-generate-content (UGC) style, they created an influencer-esque video ad showing off multiple styles of their face masks.

Using the best direct response principles including a brand logo, clear text, and a CTA, the ad helps introduce the audience to the brand and discover that face masks can be a fashion statement.

They use a pink color palette and brand logo at the top to create a consistent feminine look.


Elf makes cruelty-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan skincare products. This fun video creative features a model applying the skin care products in use with an exciting drum beat.

They show off how well the product works and how easy it is to use by having the model do a before and after. The transformation is an exciting way to see the product in action and give the audience a good understanding of what Elf has to offer.

Nola skinsentials

Nola is a 100% vegan beauty brand that sells skin care products. Their latest video ad features a trendy retro product slideshow with animated captions.

Each product is showcased on a different colored background. The animated caption boxes inform the audience about all the key benefits of the products and the background music keeps the video fun and upbeat.

Leaf Shave

Leaf Shave sells all-metal, pivoting-head zero waste razors. One of their key differentiating factors is their environmentally friendly utility.

This video ad highlights their key differentiator with a catchy, yet informative comparison walkthrough. The presenter appeals to the target market and shows the competing razors side-by-side in a bathroom setting.

With a strong focus on the product’s strengths, it helps convince the audience that the all-metal razor is a great purchase.

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Sonder is a rental service selling fully-furnished, spacious apartments with flexible cancellations in more than 30 cities worldwide.

This creative blends a simple image with overlay text to promote 3 discounts. They use a ken burns effect on the image to pan across the apartment showing it’s luxurious design and furniture layout. The discounts are using a ladder strategy to increase the incentive when you book for a longer amount of time.

This simple creative is easy to view and helps the audience see the value in the apartment service with just a glance.

Piestro Pizza

Piestro Pizza sells a robotic pizza maker. Claiming to be the future of the pizza industry, this video creative takes a retro, mysterious approach. The close video angle with a red and light blue color mix, the ad instantly captures attention and peaks curiosity.

The pizza box slowly reveals itself resolving the curiosity and gives the audience a clue about what Piestro Pizza has to offer. The ad text provides a quick overview of the product and prompts a call to action to reserve the product.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is a popular celebrity that’s been featured on many reality TV shows. This testimonial-style video creative shows off her experience with vitamin packs.

The simple headline, “Convenient, Personalized Vitamin Packs” gives the audience a clear indication of the value proposition. The audience can hear more about Kelly’s experience with the vitamins and gain trust in the product.

The home setting makes it a casual way to learn about the product through a trusted influencer.


Clearbanc helps entrepreneurs get funded. Their direct ad copy, “Get funded today. Unlock $10K-$10M in capital for marketing for your e-commerce business.” communicates an enticing message to drive sign ups.

The video takes a slapstick, comical approach with the actor expressing a casual relief for his latest funding round. The actor sits up from his chair, sips his drink, and talks to the camera with a bleeped out F word. The phrase is then revealed, “I just got funded”.


Thuma makes bedroom products ranging from beds to nightstands, candles, and covers. This elegant video ad showcases their unique product design with a clever animation.

The video is paired with a testimonial ad text and close up imagery on the material and a branded headline that reads “Your staycation is here.”

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Skin Can Tell PH

Skin Can Tell PH is a skincare brand focused on skin rejuvenation. This ad creative prompts the user with a question in the ad text and features a stylish video showing the product line.

The branded color and packaging bring a bright and relaxing appearance to the audience. They show the products from different angles and present a playful unboxing of each item.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons is a household decor and cleaning blog. This influencer style video shows a brief demo of how the product works. The demo takes place in a kitchen setting and neatly organizes the product line for the viewer to see.

The caption text on the ad highlights the free offer and gives a shout out to the product brand Grove.


Pura sells the world’s first smart home fragrance diffuser. The Pura Smart Device allows you to control the scent in your home from your phone.

This simple animation creative shows the different fragrance products flashing between their original packaging and a piece of fruit. The fun and clever concept gives the viewer a sense of what it might smell like.

The ad text promotes the pure, natural ingredients that are in the fragrances.


Lunya sells women’s sleepwear. Their simple ad text, “So soft and cozy, it'll be hard to feel anything but relaxed.” appeals to a younger stylish audience.

The video creative features a model wearing one of the outfits. It creates a happy, positive vibe for the viewer and presents the key benefits of the apparel in branded text overlay. The hip background jazz music aligns with the cool and comfortable look.

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