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Thinking of trying a TrustAds alternative?

Like TrustAds, we also offer automation tools for Facebook and Snapchats ads (Google Ads, too!) But at Revealbot, our team is hyper focused on making the most advanced and most flexible automation tool in one beautiful package.
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How we’re different:
Revealbot vs TrustAds

Hyper focused on automation

Revealbot was purpose-built to enable professional marketers to run complex advertising strategies more easily and efficiently with better automation.

More control and flexibility

With metric comparison, ranking comparison, and custom metrics, Revealbot’s automation builder allows you to execute actions with greater flexibility and precision.

Faster ad creation and testing

Just upload your images, videos, and copy into Revealbot’s Bulk Creation tool and Revealbot will build and launch all possible combinations and help you find your best performers.

Why you should choose TrustAds

No online reviews

TrustAds is a great choice for advertisers who need a little more ‘umph’ in their advertising toolkit. TrustAds has two main capabilities, automated rules and lookalike (LAL) audience creation. While TrustAds automated rules are an improvement over Facebook native rules, their LAL audience generator is what really differentiates itself from Revealbot. With their LAL audience generator, you can quickly make up to 20% LAL audiences. Sounds like what you need? Then check out TrustAds.

TrustAds Pricing

Starts at $97.97
– No limit in ad spend
– 7-day free trial
– 1 ad account and unlimited users
– 10 smart rules
– Additional feature restrictions

– No limit in ad spend
– 10 ad accounts
– 25 smart rules
– Access to all features

– No limit in ad spend
– 25 ad accounts
– 75 smart rules
– Access to all features

Why you should choose Revealbot

4.6 / 5 with 70 reviews

Although Revealbot doesn’t have a 20% lookalike (LAL) audience generator tool for now (coming soon), Revealbot has the most advanced and easiest-to-use automated rules constructor. With more metrics to create rule conditions with, custom metrics, metric comparison, ranking conditions, and more, you can more closely automate the exact management tactics you’re doing manually. Revealbot is the tool for you if you want to profitably scale ads faster and save more hours per week on ad management. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, start a free trial of Revealbot today!

Revealbot Pricing

Starts at $99/mo
– Up to $10,000/mo in monthly ad spend
14-day no-limit free trial
– Unlimited ad accounts and users
– Unlimited automations
– Access to all features
– Up to $30,000 in ad spend
– Unlimited ad accounts and users
– Unlimited automations
– Access to all features

– Up to $75,000 in ad spend
– Unlimited ad accounts and users
– Unlimited automations
– Access to all features

Revealbot allows us to build complicated scenarios that just wouldn’t be available to us with other tools.”

Oleg Popov
VP of Growth

More reasons to consider Revealbot as an alternative to TrustAds

Advanced rule constructor for tailor-made rules

Create automations exactly how you need them with the most advanced rule constructor available.

Use AND/OR operators, nested conditions, compare two metrics against each other, and create your own custom metrics to reuse across all your campaigns.

With unlimited automations and automation trigger frequency in as little as 15 minutes, you’ll be able to automate any strategy you can think of and save hours of time every week.

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We integrate with Google Sheets

Store or calculate essential data outside of Facebook? With Revealbot, you can bring your external data from a spreadsheet into your automations.

By integrating Google Sheets with Revealbot, you can trigger automations based off data in a spreadsheet or use it to update critical values like budgets, ROAS targets, and more.

Automation history and debugger

Analyze results and optimize your automations with historical log reports. 

You can track how your automations are triggered and debug where automations should have or should not have fired. With logs, your automation history is never a black box.

We integrate with Slack

Stay updated and share results with your team with Slack notifications.

Get notified immediately when an automation is triggered and set up customizable daily or weekly campaign updates.

With updates into Slack, you and your team will always be on top of your ads, campaigns, and your automations.

Automations for Facebook, Google, and Snapchat Ads

Now all your automations for every channel can be managed and fine-tuned in one place.

Not only can you create fully custom automations for Facebook and Instagram ads, you can also create automations for Snapchat Ads, and Google Ads (without writing scripts).

You can bring your same winning strategies and tactics from Facebook and Instagram to Google and Snapchat in just seconds.

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