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How can I do Facebook auto reporting for ads?

How can I do Facebook auto reporting for ads?

Facebook auto reporting for ads will save you a lot of time on building Facebook ad reports for clients each week and here’s how you can do it. Many Facebook ad reporting options can speed up the reporting process yet somehow, when managing Facebook ads for clients, reporting can

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Dec 16, 2020

Facebook auto reporting for ads will save you a lot of time on building Facebook ad reports for clients each week and here’s how you can do it.

Many Facebook ad reporting options can speed up the reporting process yet somehow, when managing Facebook ads for clients, reporting can still take up too much time.

Why does this seem to inevitably happen? Facebook advertisers love to build spreadsheets and while spreadsheets can be good for analysis and customization, it may not be worth the time it takes to fiddle with updating it, taking screenshots, and putting it in an email to clients (or worse a PowerPoint).

From a time and opportunity cost perspective, it makes much more business sense to have an automated Facebook reporting tool. For some you may have to adjust how you do reporting, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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Two levels of Facebook auto reporting

The first level of automation in Facebook ad reporting is having a report template that’s automatically populated so you don’t have to build the report every time. With this first level of reporting, you will still have to export the report and send it to the client.

The next level of reporting is having a template that’s automatically populated and automatically sending to the client and other recipients every week. This level of Facebook auto reporting is completely hands off.

To do this, you can use Facebook's own automated reporting delivery or if you need a more advanced automatic ads report you’ll need a third party Facebook reporting tool, like Revealbot.

How do I schedule an automated report on Facebook?

Sometimes you just need simple and quick reports that you can do quickly inside Facebook.

But beware! The automated Facebook reporting tool is very limited in types of reports you can create. If you manage ads for different clients or have to create reports for different platforms such as Google ads or Google analytics, it might not be the best option for you.

To create a report for your ad campaigns using Facebook's inbuilt tool is not too hard.

First you log in to your Facebook ads manager. There, on the left menu, you click on "Ads Reporting". If it's not already on the menu, click "All tools" and scroll to "Analyze and report".

Facebook ads Reporting

Inside the Ads Reporting, you click on "Create" and you'll have the option to choose from three types of graphs:

  1. Pivot table
  2. Trend line chart
  3. Bar chart
Facebook ads reporting layouts

Once you fo, you can name your report, choose which data you'll be analyzing, and the date range.

Facebook ads report - Customizing your report

Once you finish customizing and creating your report, you can save it and it's done. You can always create a link to give to clients or to add in your reports, but, again, there are limitations to this approach.

You can only share reports outside the Facebook ads Manager using Pivot Tables. For some reason Facebook blocks Trend lines and bar charts from being shared on links.

And let's be real! It's much easier to be notified in your email and just open the report on the right time!

To have the report emailed to you all you need to do is click on the option to choose which ad accounts to report on. It's right next to the name bar on the top left of the page.

Facebook ads report - Choose ad accounts

A pop up will open up and in it there will be an option to "Schedule email". You can then pick the frequency of the email and the subscribers. And, voilà! You will have your report delivered straight to your inbox.

Facebook ads report - Schedule email for auto repporting

But if you thought that was going to be it, of course there's another catch! You can only add people who have access to the ads account.

This means that if you want to send it to anyone who's not on the ads manager, so you'll need to add them to the Facebook ads Manager.

Using the Facebook reporting tool for your reports, works, but there are many caveats to it.

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Creating automatic Facebook ads reports using Revealbot

If you want to have deeper reports, integrate your Facebook ads reports with Google, TikTok or Snapchat reports, then you'll need a third-party tool such as Revealbot!

With Revealbot, you can create beautiful report templates for your ad campaigns, that’s highly customizable. Here’s what a report built in Revealbot looks like:

Revealbot's Facebook ads report
With Revealbot reports, you can build metric widgets, line graph widgets, and pie chart widgets.

Not only do they look good, Revealbot reports can be customized to show exactly what you want:

  • multiple platforms in a single report
  • multiple ad accounts in a single report
  • ability to choose different timeframes per each widget

After you’ve built a report, you can bookmark the URL to pull up the report with fresh data any time.

Want to send it to a client? You can add clients to your Revealbot account with limited access and then you can select their email addresses as delivery methods.

You can select multiple email addresses and Slack channels to deliver your reports.
You can select multiple email addresses and Slack channels to deliver your reports.

Then, you can specify the exact schedule you want your reports delivered, for example every Friday at 9 AM. You can also choose to send it on the 1st of every month if you only opt for monthly reporting.

For your recipients, they’ll receive the full report directly in their email - no link to click or webpage to load.

So once you build the report template and set up the delivery method and schedule, your Facebook ad reports can be completely automated.

Wrap up

Automating your Facebook ad reporting can be a game-changer in saving time and resources when managing campaigns for clients and even for your own ad campaigns.

While Facebook's built-in reporting tool offers some level of automation, it comes with many limitations, especially for those managing multiple clients or platforms.

To overcome these limitations and create beautiful, highly customizable reports, third-party tools like Revealbot are invaluable.

With Revealbot, you can consolidate data from various platforms, specify delivery schedules, and send comprehensive reports directly to clients' inboxes, streamlining the reporting process.

Say goodbye to report days and embrace the efficiency of automated reporting with tools like Revealbot.

Key takeaways

  • Manual Facebook ad reporting is time-consuming and inefficient.
  • There are two levels of automation to consider. The first involves using report templates that you need to populate and the second automates the delivery of reports eliminating the need for constant intervention.
  • Facebook's built-in reporting tool has limitations, especially for diverse reporting needs.
  • Third-party tools like Revealbot offer highly customizable and efficient automated reporting solutions.


What is Facebook Ads auto reporting?

Facebook Ads auto reporting allows you to create and schedule reports that are automatically sent to you on a regular basis. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you manage multiple ad campaigns.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Ads auto reporting?

There are many benefits to using Facebook Ads auto reporting, including:

  • Save time and effort: You don't have to manually create and send reports yourself.
  • Identify trends: By tracking your performance over time, you can identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Make better decisions: With regular reporting, you can make more informed decisions about your ad campaigns.

What are some tips for using Facebook Ads auto reporting?

Here are some tips for using Facebook Ads auto reporting:

  • Choose the right metrics and dimensions: Make sure to include the metrics and dimensions that are most important to your business.
  • Set the right frequency: If you're running a short-term campaign, you may want to receive reports daily. If you're running a long-term campaign, weekly or monthly reports may be sufficient.
  • Schedule your reports for the right time: Consider when you have time to review your reports and schedule them for that time.
  • Share your reports with others: If you have a team, share your reports with them so that everyone is on the same page.

What are the main Facebook auto reporting limitations?

  • You can only choose one of three types of graphs for each report: Pivot table, trend line chart or bar chart
  • You can only send the report to users on the Facebook ads manager for the selected account.
  • You can't integrate it to other analytics and reporting platforms such as Google ads, Tiktok ads, reducing the types of cross analysis you can create.

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