Increasing competition on Facebook and Instagram is making organic reach decline, which is why some businesses are failing to profit from their social media activity and can’t effectively increase their fans’ engagement.

Marketers are a smart batch though - they’ve learnt ways to use Facebook’s API in order to facilitate their advertising endeavors and that’s when Facebook Autoboosting came to life.

And now - Instagram Autoboosting.

Revealbot is the first platform to introduce auto post-boosting for both Instagram and Facebook.

Why autoboost Instagram posts?

Instagram’s growing popularity, younger and more socially-engaged audience has made it a primary destination for marketers across the world.

In 2018 ad spend on Instagram grew ~170% compared to 2017, as businesses were allocating more of their budgets to that platform.

Instagram has shown to be a great marketing tool for companies of different sizes and business models; so if your client or company isn’t on Instagram yet,  go and sign up for a business account as soon as possible.

How can Instagram autoboosting actually help?

Just like with ads, boosted Instagram posts can serve several goals:

  1. Increase fans’ engagement and awareness
  2. Drive more web traffic
  3. Drive more app installs
  4. Get new customers or users for your business
  5. Reengage fanbase and existing customers and drive second conversions

So, boosting Instagram posts is a much more effective and quick way to advertise on Instagram.

Summing up why you should automate Instagram post-boosting

  • New users who visit your profile will trust your profile more
  • You will reengage your fans who don’t see your content in the feed as often as they should
  • Your content will drive more traffic and conversions
  • You will improve your subscriber growth
  • You will save your own and your colleagues’ time

Well, how do I autoboost the h*ll out of it already?!

It’s easy!

First log into your Revealbot account and go to Integrations at

Revealbot integrations setup

In order to use Autoboosting you need to share Facebook Insights with Revealbot as well as connect your Instagram account. You can choose ‘Facebook Insights’ on the Integrations page and then select only the pages you’ll actually need.

Auto Post Boosting menu

Revealbot connect Instagram

After you’ve successfully connected your Facebook Insights and Instagram account to Revealbot, hover over Campaign Creation in the upper right and choose ‘Auto Post Boosting’ from the given options.

Now, you don’t want to spend your budget on each and every post, right?

Possible automation scenarios for Instagram post-boosting

Autoboost posts with good organic reach and engagement (detailed)

This is the most popular scenario, because marketers are more inclined to spend money on content that has proven to be good in terms of organic reach.

To automatically promote such posts, you should first analyze your average engagement rate (likes, swipe-ups, comments) and the average time it takes for your content to gain this engagement.

Let’s say your average post is liked by 1000 people on average and it takes about 3 days for your average post to gain this social engagement.

So, follow this logic to create a rule. Choose the account you need and specify types of posts you’d like to autoboost:

Revealbot boost conditions

Scroll a little bit and set the rules to autoboost posts that you think have a good potential.

Autoboost filter posts

If your post has gained >= 700 likes over the last 24 or fewer hours since being published, it means it has good potential as its performance is better than your average performance

Click ‘Next’ and complete all fields on the next page. Use macros for campaign naming if needed.

Important! Campaign objective at this step depends largely on what kind of posts you want to autoboost with this campaign. All posts that meet the rules you’ve set earlier will have the same objective you choose within this particular campaign.

Revealbot campaign settings

If you just want some of your posts to gain more engagement, choose Engagement Objective (read more about Campaign Objectives in Facebook Help Center).

On the next page you’re to set your audience, placements, optimization goal and budget. You should keep in mind the initial goal of your campaign, but for regular Instagram posts (image with text) the ‘Post Engagement’ Optimization Goal will work.

Boosting campaign settings

For promoting a local tattoo shop in Berlin that specializes on female body art you might want to set some particular audience (you can create it in Revealbot as well) or just use an audience you already have.

Devices and platforms settings

In this case we wanted to show our Instagram post to Instagram users only, but you can select other placements as well. Be careful, however, because your post might look out of place when used in some unsuitable placements.

Find more about placements and campaign structure in our Guide to Facebook Advertising Campaign Structure and Setup.

Autoboost video posts

Video marketing has been a trend and it’s not going anywhere. Engage users with video content. It’s as easy as promoting posts, but should be done with a slightly different set of rules.

Settings for video boosting

Autoboost Stories

Instagram Stories might include videos, images, polls and links which makes them perfect for reengaging users and driving traffic to your website and app.

For a Stories autoboosting campaign choose a suitable objective, such as Traffic or Conversions.

You might consider separating all your autoboosting activity into 3 separate campaigns, each one optimized for particular results and goals:

  • Instagram images and carousels (the mechanics of these two types are very similar)
  • Videos
  • Stories

Things to remember

  • Ultimately, you want to boost posts that engage your current users
  • You should keep an eye on text in images (20% rule still applies!)
  • Keep in mind Facebook Advertising Policies - you might have some more leeway when posting on Facebook and Instagram, but once you submit your post for promotion, it gets checked in accordance with Facebook Ad Guidelines
  • Autoboosting is a tool that can help you achieve your business objectives, not a separate tool that does things outside of your marketing paradigm
  • Choose budget, optimization model and number of posts promoted at the same time based on your prior experience and within your overall budget