Facebook and Instagram ads Automation & Alerts

Set up automation rules for your Facebook and Instagram ads and let the bot manage and improve your ad performance for you

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Add automation
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The most advanced rule constructor
  • Embedded rules
  • Full list of metrics including Facebook Pixel
  • Actions: start/pause campaigns, increase/decrease bids and budge
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Integration with Slack

You and your team stays notified about important changes – Reveal keeps tracking the ads constantly and sends notifications to any #channel when the rule is triggered

Stay warned about the most important changes in your ad performance

Set rules and conditions for your ads and Reveal would notify you when you need to take action

Marketing metrics to Slack
Marketing metrics to Slack

Let Reveal manage ads for you

You define the rules and your ads would be started/paused, your bids and budget would be increased/decreased automatically for you

The most advanced rule constructor

Embedded rules, full set of metrics and various actions will let you create highly custom automation rules to boost your ad efficiency

Marketing metrics to Slack

Stay on top of all your marketing activities

Reveal would bring you all the updates you need to keep your business growing

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