Advanced automation for Facebook Ads

Optimize your ad management routine and boost your ROAS with our professional automation tool.

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Facebook Ads optimization

Use conditions to automatically pause, start, duplicate your ad sets and change their budgets and bids. More...

Post auto-boosting

Maximize post reach by auto-boosting your best content on Facebook and Instagram.

Scheduled reports

Google Analytics, Facebook — get custom reports focused on metrics important to your team.

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Our clients’ average fees are just 0.3% of ad spend

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Easily manage thousands of Facebook ads via custom automated rules

Automate most of your team’s routine by creating unlimited number of rules for ad campaigns, ad sets and ads.
Manage ROAS directly: return-on-ad-spend available as conditional metric for rules.

Rule check frequency: from 15 min to 3 days.
Rule actions: restart or duplicate ads, adjust budgets and bids.

* Not available in Power Editor

Grow following on Facebook and Instagram by auto-boosting your best content

Likes and other reactions, comments, and shares available as conditions for auto-promotion.

Custom budgets and audiences for each auto-boost rule. Different auto-boost rules for videos and photos.

Track performance of boosted posts and automatically increase budgets for your best posts via regular Reveal’s ad automation.

Use your best performing Instagram content as a source for Facebook Ads.

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Keep entire team in the loop of marketing performance

Analytics overview delivered to your inbox or Slack team daily / weekly from:
Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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For Facebook Ads and Google Analytics:
Customize reports to focus on metrics important to your business.

'Love this: @revealbot: Manage your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns from @SlackHQ'

Tom Benattar
Co-founder of PixelMe

'Reveal has become an essential tool to Motive Unknown.

...we can now have the insights we specify delivered to us, so that across a client portfolio totalling probably 40+ ongoing campaigns at one time, we always feel on top of what is going on.'

Darren Hemmings
Darren Hemmings
Managing Director at Motive Unknown

'Epic tool to assist and report your marketing efforts...'

Dusty Van Steekelenburg
Growth Marketeer at We Are Off The Record


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