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ECOM DEPT saves thousands in wasted monthly ad spend for their clients

Dominic Hill, VP Digital

10's of thousands

saved in wasted monthly ad spend

An E-commerce agency that designs, builds and markets to accelerate your revenue growth.
Los Angeles, US
Revealbot user
for 2 years

"Revealbot is an essential tool that helps our advertising agency team to eliminate 10’s of thousands in wasted monthly ad spend and to significantly improve our clients ad campaign performance.”

Dominic Hill


As the VP of Digital, Dominic is responsible for managing a team of digital marketers focused on driving online revenue and profitability through advertising. Dominic's team currently manages a portfolio of clients that focus on ecommerce for fashion, beauty, consumer packaged goods and lifestyle.

Being a growing ecommerce agency, Dominic and his team need to stay on top of their clients ad campaign performance. Revealbot helps to support Dominic and his team's efforts to continually improve their client's ad campaign performance in a fast paced digital agency environment.

"A standout feature is Revealbot’s pre-built strategies. These powerful automations allow our agency team to easily setup and perform complicated optimizations that could otherwise be missed in our manual optimization efforts.”

Dominic Hill


As a digital agency, Dominic and his team are typically hired to generate profitable online sales at scale for their clients. It’s extremely important that they have access to tools that help them streamline internal ad operations and to improve client campaign performance.

All the tools that Dominic and his team tested over the past few years included features that they really did not need on a daily basis. Dominic finally found Revealbot in late 2017 and have been using it since.

Dominic also loves the fact that Revealbot excels at focusing on developing core features that improve the ability to eliminate wasted ad spend and improve return on ad spend for their clients vs building features that are "fluff".

Revealbot offers two key features that are invaluable to his team:

  1. The first strategy is designed to increase the daily budget of a CBO campaign, based on a combination of good results.
  2. The second feature turns off underperforming ads. In summary, these two key automations help you scale successful campaigns and help eliminate wasted ad spend – both key optimizations that could be missed on a busy work day.


It's difficult for Dominic to quantify their results because they are fortunate enough to have a fairly large portfolio of ecommerce advertising clients with different KPIs and metrics. With that said, Dominic can confirm that his client’s ROAS and conversion value is significantly improved, more consistent, and thanks to Revealbot, they’re saving 10’s of thousands per month in wasted ad spend.

Revealbot automations also acts as a critical safeguard against overspend, underperformance and wasted ad spend both during the week and over the weekend for their clients, so it's been a crucial tool over the years.

"Nothing is perfect, but I can tell you first hand, our team could not drive the consistent ad campaign performance for our clients without the assistance of Revealbot.”

Dominic Hill

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