ECOM HOUSE uses various Revealbot rules to reduce CPA for their clients

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After spending many years in the digital marketing and advertising world, Emanuele and his business partner, Daniel, decided to start their own agency.

ECOM HOUSE is a leading performance marketing agency that focuses on scaling ecommerce brands through paid social, paid search, and high creative creative production. Going out on their own proved to be challenging in a few different ways.

Emanuele and Daniel were spending a majority of their day in Facebook Ads Manager setting up client campaigns and managing performance to make sure they were hitting client goals. Testing creatives was also a big part of their process and having to manually test creatives was a time suck. This didn’t leave enough time for the two to focus on business strategy and growing their business.


Emanuele and Daniel spent months implementing and testing different tools to help them streamline their process. In March of 2020, Emanuele signed up for Revealbot. Almost immediately, Emanuele was able to completely replace (and improve) the Facebook rules he used for clients, and reduce much of his time spent on repetitive tasks within Facebook Ads Manager.

Using a combination of various Revealbot rules, Emanuele and Daniel were able to automate their creative and audience testing processes, which took up the bulk of their time managing client campaigns. To help scale campaigns for their clients, they made Revealbot rules to implement dynamic bidding and stop loss rules to reduce inefficient ad spend. All together, their Revealbot rules optimized their client ad spend and improved overall efficiency.

On the creative side, they use Revealbot’s Top Creatives report to show which ad creatives and marketing angles perform best across various audiences to inform their strategy.

“Without the Revealbot rule engine, I wouldn’t be able to automate and fine tune my bidding strategy so effectively. This tool is in a whole different ball game compared to anything else out there, it has allowed me to scale my campaigns 10x faster.”


Revealbot’s automation has already helped ECOM HOUSE’s clients save over 234% in total ad spend and has helped reduce CPA by 30% while scaling accounts globally. Emanuele and his team wouldn’t be able to manage such large budgets and demanding accounts without the help of Revealbot. For just one of the accounts they’re managing, there are more than 80 active campaigns, 600 ad sets and 1990 ads, targeting 50+ countries worldwide. Implementing Revealbot for this client has allowed the team to run their ads with confidence while not having to be constantly glued to their computers and Ads Manager.

Revealbot helped Emanuele and Daniel dramatically improve profitability and sales volume for their clients while staying under budget targets. This also allowed them to scale their team from 2 to a team of 10 marketers.

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