Are Facebook automated rules broken after iOS 14.5?

Are Facebook automated rules broken after iOS 14.5?

A lot has changed in our Facebook ad campaigns with the introduction of iOS 14.5.

One of the casualties from this updated is Facebook automated rules.

If you suddenly found your Facebook automated rules not working anymore and didn't make any changes to them recently, check the following to get your rules back to working order.

Many people have reported issues with automated rules since the release of iOS 14.5, but as of May 12th, we are now seeing reports of rules working normally again. If still experiencing issues, continue reading.

Change attribution window setting to 7-day-click

Your Facebook automated rules will not work if you were using any other attribution window setting than 7-day-click.

If you were using 28-day-click or something else, you may see this message.

Go into each rule and change the window to 7-day-click and this might solve your issue moving forward.

Conditions with conversion data (purchases/ROAS) are reportedly experiencing issues

From our network and communities we're a part of, we can report that many people are having issues with native Facebook rules when using conversion metrics, such as purchases, cost-per-purchase, ROAS, etc, in their rule conditions.

Some people have done a few hacks to get their rules to work - we can't guarantee these are fool-proof solutions to fix your automated rules, but they could be worth a shot, even though you may need to make adjustments to your automation strategy.

  • Turn off the rule and recreate it as a brand new rule
  • Don't use "today" or "including today" in your time frames
  • Use other metrics in your conditions besides conversion-based metrics

It's also worth noting that Facebook has been making changes to how automated rules are reported on that may have affected their functionality along with their implementation of aggregated event measurement.

Alternative to Facebook automated rules

We're happy to report that Revealbot customers are experiencing significantly less functionality loss with their automations with their rules.

If you want to supercharge your rules and automate more of your Facebook ad campaigns, now may be the perfect time to try out Revealbot. You can get a 14-day free trial to test it out. Just enter your email in the sign up box below.

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