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Streamline Creative Analysis and Reporting with Revealbot

Streamline Creative Analysis and Reporting with Revealbot

Get a grip on your best creatives and share your findings with our CSV export.

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Jul 25, 2022

How to get an immediate understanding of how the creatives perform? And when you do, how to share your findings with someone without a Revealbot account? Here’s one of the ways to ensure immediate insights for your team members and clients:

Using the CSV export allows our users to get a grip on creatives' performance in just a few easy steps. For example, some of them got much more control over Top Creatives analysis by switching to Revealbot and applying Integromat integration. This scenario can also be coded, or done in Zapier.

A possible 5-step flow

Reporting with Revealbot saves our users all the time and effort they used to put into exchanging information on creatives' performance within their teams. And thinking about strategy instead of planning meetings is necessary for successful scaling.

Delivery to Slack

This feature is used by our client Alessandro Gargiulo and his team to automate their reporting process: “When you send a command in Slack, it requests the scenario which is taken from Top Creatives, and the CSV is managed as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Which, in turn, is filtered to contain only the Top Creatives meeting specific parameters. After that, the best ten are sent to Slack”.

An illustration of a hypothetical Slack report

The report is then put into PDF for the client. This way, Alessandro’s clients receive clear and comprehensive reports on how creatives were performing in the whole time span of 7 days.  

Aligning your team members with this reporting flow is a sure way to optimize your process. And your clients will surely appreciate their clear and swift reports.

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