Ever since Facebook has announced lower organic reach in 2014, businesses started looking for a way to ensure their valuable content gets to the target audience. As one of the solutions, Facebook proposed post boosting, which drives more people and their attention to your post or Page.

How can it benefit your business?

If you’ve been using Facebook ads for quite a while, you have probably been faced with the choice between boosting a post and placing an ad. We’ll tell you the rule of thumb.

First of all, your boosted posts will drive on organic reach. There is no better way to test whether your piece of information is worthy of attention than getting it out there and see how many reactions it gets.
Second, boosting is a great way to promote your event. Involve more people that liked your Page and get them interested.
It is also great for big announcements and updates, ensuring you spread the word.
Last but not least, your ROI value will definitely benefit from long-term brand awareness, which will bring more attention to your content in the future.

Whether you’re a corporation with thousands of dollars to spend on advertisement or a local business with smaller needs, post boosting will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Why Reveal and not just Facebook post boosting?

  • Invest in performance
    Whether it is organic reach that you rely on before boosting a post or post paid reach, you can set that value as a rule and every post that meets your criteria of high performance will automatically be boosted.

  • Play by your own rules
    With Reveal auto boosting, you are able to set rules that’d define the automation process for boosting. Every rule includes boost conditions, campaign, ad set and rule settings.

  • Save time on manual work
    Reveal will take care of the analysis and perform the boost without you having to log in and do it yourself for each post.

  • Be informed
    Every time a post is boosted, you will be notified. More advanced Reveal reports are available for further analytics.

  • Have an advanced setup for your audience
    When you set up your audience for the boosted post on Facebook, it gives you limited options:

With Reveal, you can go to the Ad Manager and make all relevant choices just like for regular ads.

  • Choose your ad objective
    With Facebook, you’re only able to choose website visits or engagement as your ad objective, whereas Reveal rules allow you to chose from Brand awareness, Link clicks, Post engagement, Reach, and Video views. The objective is directly connected with the billing event: by choosing your advertising goal, you’re also impacting the user action that Facebook will collect money for.





How does it work?

In your Reveal profile, go to the Post Boosting tab, where you’ll see a «New Rule» button.


Here’s the first step that allows you to choose the Page, post type, number of posts to be boosted, and conditions of boosting:


Then, you’ll be able to choose your ad account, campaign name, and ad objective:


When your campaign is ready to go, move on to the ad set settings. Note that you can choose between Post engagement, Impressions and Reach as your Optimization goal.


If you want to create a new audience, Reveal will redirect you to Audiences in Facebook Ad Manager. Set it up and come back to finish your rule right after. All changes will be synchronized with you Reveal account in seconds.

One of the Reveal’s core features in Auto boosting is the ability to customize your post’s placement. Choose the type of device, platforms and where exactly your post will be seen.


Next, you’ll find the conversion tracking parameters:


Upon every auto boosting event, Reveal will send you a notification by email or directly to Slack via Reveal Bot. Choose the recipient and a relative Slack channel as the last step of rule creation process:


When a rule is created, it stays safe and sound in the Post Boosting tab. You can edit, copy or delete it as well as change its status.

What’s next?

It might seem like Reveal Auto boosting is a good fit only for companies that run huge campaigns, but I’ll share an example from my personal experience, which proves otherwise.

My friend in Berlin is an active feminist. Her latest post on usage of gender-neutral words in the everyday language and its impact has got a lot of attention from relative communities. They have thousands of followers and new content coming every day. They are looking for solutions to expand their horizons and bring new people in. But they also have jobs and families to take care of. And that’s exactly when Reveal auto boosting comes in handy.

Another case is a marketing agency that actually has people focusing on Facebook ads and content creation. They’ve got enough resources, but choose to optimize the time they spend on boosting the posts manually. By saving half an hour here and there, they make more room for creativity and let Reveal’s algorithms perform the tasks that can be automated.

I could carry this on for quite a while, but let me stop right here. It is up to you to decide what needs to be done to your next post.
I hope this insight was helpful. In case of any questions, leave a comment here or drop a line at help@revealbot.com