Hi all,

Quite a few updates are coming your way this time! Ready to find out what they are?

Let’s start with a critical topic. Please read this carefully.

As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, we cannot serve the accounts that are banned by Facebook or have any policy violations.

To keep our platform free from misleading and poor quality ads, every new account goes through moderation. We score your profile based on the number of disabled ad accounts and ads that you have access to. If there is at least one, we reserve the right to limit or completely deactivate your Revealbot account. In case of any questions, drop us an email or send a message to the Intercom chat.

Now to the exciting stuff!

Facebook Ads

Alerts in Automated rules

From now on, when creating an automated rule, you’re able to add a “Notify” action to get alerts when a particular metric triggers. Slack and email are available as channel options.

Want to try alerts for free? Head out to our 14 days trial.

New metrics

Occasionally, we get metric requests from our customers. The latest newbies are the Cost per website application submitted metric in Reports and Unique Website Content Views metric in Automated rules. Happy Automation to you, folks!

It’s official! The Google Ads Beta is now open to everyone. Right now you can manage campaigns and ad groups. Pause, unpause or get notifications—bids and budgets are on their way!

Google Ads automated rules are still a Beta, so some things need to be tweaked and improved. We seriously appreciate your feedback!

Try Google Ads automated rules for free ;)

Just a week ago, our CEO, CCO, and CTO, Michael, Iskander and Michael came back from the ECML event and conference that took place in San Diego. During this kind of events, we get to hear a lot of feedback from people that use Revealbot every day. It is the best way for us to improve and progress, so in case you ever see us around at a conference, come to say hi 👋

See you soon!