With Reveal’s metric comparison feature you can compare ad set’s performance with the average stats of parent campaign and shut down the ad sets that are below the average. Let me walk you through an example.

Parent metrics are included in all Reveal plans in the 14-day trial access. You can find them in the Automation section of your Reveal account (don't have one? Sign up here!).

Say, you have 3 ad sets in a campaign. They have CPAs at $15, $20 and $35 respectively. The parent campaign's CPA would represent the average CPA of those 3 ad sets and it would be $23.3. You can set up a rule, that will automatically turn off the ad set with $35 CPA cause it’s greater than $23.3. This is kind of a floating benchmark, especially helpful when you have lots of ad sets and you’re not sure what threshold to set for your CPA.

Here is how you can set the rule up:


Try parent metrics for your rules now!