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What is the Facebook feedback score and how does it affect my ads?

What is the Facebook feedback score and how does it affect my ads?

Are you looking to boost your Facebook Feedback Score and enhance your online reputation? You've come to the right place! ✅

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Sep 4, 2023

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about improving your Facebook Feedback Score and how it can positively impact your business. From understanding what exactly it is to learning effective strategies and techniques, we've got you covered.

What is Facebook's feedback score?

Facebook brands that advertise and sell products on Facebook have what is called the Facebook feedback score.

This metric gives sellers an overview of customer feedback about their purchase and the experience with your store.

The customer feedback Score is a numerical value ranging from 0 to 5, which helps businesses understand and improve their customer relationships on the platform.

Here's a breakdown of what each score range signifies:

  • 4 to 5: Good Customer Feedback
  • 3 to 4: Average Customer Feedback
  • 2 to 3: Poor Customer Feedback
  • 1 to 2: Underwhelming Customer Feedback
  • 0 to 1: Advertising Disallowed
Facebook feedback score
Source: Facebook

Facebook calculates it by considering various feedback sources, including surveys and interactions between people and businesses. These scores are regularly updated based on the most recent feedback.

Please be aware that attempting to evade these restrictions goes against Facebook's Circumventing Systems policy and may result in additional enforcement actions.

Facebook has even taken action in 2022 and filed a lawsuit against a website that provided fake reviews to improve score for brands and to hurt the score for competitors.

The importance of Facebook's feedback score

Facebook algorithms prioritize businesses with higher scores, giving you increased visibility and more chances to attract potential customers.

Your business will be displayed prominently in search results, making it easier for potential customers to find and connect with you. This increased visibility can lead to a higher volume of inquiries and ultimately, more conversions.

The opposite is also true! If a Page's score drops below 2, it may face restrictions on advertising, potentially disabling active advertising campaigns.

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How is Facebook's customer feedback score calculated?

Let's start by demystifying the Facebook customer Feedback Score. Simply put, it is a metric that reflects the overall perception of your business based on customer feedback.

It takes into account factors such as the number of positive and negative reviews, response rate, and customer satisfaction.

There are a few factors that are taken into consideration to calculate the score.

Customer satisfaction

Positive reviews and high ratings are a direct result of customer satisfaction.

It's essential to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that your customers have a delightful experience with your business.

Delivery speed

Timely delivery is another factor that weighs heavily on your feedback score. Customers value businesses that deliver their products or services promptly.

Product quality

Delivering what you promised, or even exceeding expectations, will give your customers a reason to leave positive feedback. It's essential to invest in quality control measures and continuously improve your offerings.

How does Facebook’s feedback score impact my ads?

The Facebook customer feedback score has a direct impact on your business and ability to sell products and create ads on the platform.

Having a customer feedback score of 3 or higher means that the feedback received from Facebook is Good and that you are meeting the customer expectations.

A score between 2 and 3 means your Business Account is Fair but it has room for improvement.

If your Business Account score is below 2 means you have an extremely poor customer feedback and you need to take action! Between 1 and 2 you will receive a warning and your costs will be higher and your reach will decrease.

Dropping below one will have your business account, along all its assets will be disabled and you won’t be able to advertise on Facebook!

Although the impact is huge, except if you are being review bombed, the reviews won’t drop suddenly and you can always take action.

Keep in mind to always check your review scores on your Business Account page and if you start seeing a drop take the necessary actions to improve your rating again!

How do I check my Facebook feedback score?

Monitoring your score allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your strategies and make necessary adjustments to better serve your audience and keep your ad account from being restricted.

The process to see your customer feedback score is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Go to the Business Support Home.
  2. Select Meta Business Accounts.
  3. Under Business Account feedback score, you can view your score.
Current Facebook feedback score
Source: Triple Blossom

Why can't I see my Facebook feedback score?

Facebook collects feedback to understand purchase experiences, but not all pages receive individual customer feedback scores.

To receive feedback reviews on your sales you need to have “checkout” enabled on your page or Instagram account.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have an evaluating metric to monitor. You will have, instead, access to the Account Health evaluation, which you can find in your Commerce Manager.

Interpreting Facebook feedback score results

Once you have access to your score data, it's essential to interpret the results correctly to be able to make informed decisions about your performance.

  • Identify trends in your customer feedback score: Are there any recurring themes or issues that customers consistently mention?
  • Improve on negative feedback: While negative feedback may initially seem discouraging, it's important to view it as an opportunity for improvement. Take the time to learn from negative feedback and identify areas where you can enhance your products, services, or customer support.
  • Improve on positive feedback as well: Positive feedback should not be overlooked. Celebrate the positive comments and use them as motivation to continue delivering exceptional experiences. Share these positive experiences with your team to boost morale and reinforce the importance of customer satisfaction.
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How can I improve my Facebook feedback score?

Let's, now, explore effective strategies to boost your Facebook Feedback Score and solidify a positive online reputation.

Be absolutely clear about what you're selling or offering

Pictures, videos and all other ad creative should accurately represent what's being sold. Ensure dimensions, sizes, materials and all other aspects of your product are accurately shown and stated.

If you're selling apparel, ensure the size charts you're using work for other countries you're selling to (ex, United States sizing may be different than sizing in China).

If you're sourcing goods from suppliers, ensure you maintain quality control and that the goods are shipped on time and as stated on your website and ad.

Set clear expectations for shipping (and deliver timely!)

The shipping information you provide should be inclusive of processing times, item availability, shipping costs and any other factors that may impact the amount of time an item takes to ship.

Consider offering expedited shipping options. This allows customers to choose faster delivery times if they need their items urgently.

Make sure to communicate clearly with your customers regarding their order status. Send automated email notifications with tracking information and estimated delivery dates.

Don’t relegate customer service

Your customer service is the backbone of your business and your customers are your most valuable asset. Treat them as such!

Ignoring their messages, not being clear about return policies, treating them as just numbers WILL hurt your business not only on Facebook, but also as a whole!

Honor any return and exchange policies advertised on your website.

If you're operating in a different time zone than your customers, be clear about how long it takes to reply back to customer inquiries.

Make sure you can meet customer demand

Only scale your advertising with your business' ability to deliver products. If you’re not able to meet the demand, don’t advertise it!

If your inventory is limited, you may want to consider running fewer ads, or make it clear to customers before they purchase when the products are expected to be in stock and shipped.

Be proactive about telling customers when you can't fulfill what was promised (ex, you've run out of inventory, and it will now take longer than expected to replace an order).

Improve Product Quality

Continuously evaluate and improve the quality of your offerings. This will not only lead to higher customer satisfaction but also encourage customers to recommend your business to others.

Conduct regular quality control checks. This ensures that each item meets your standards before it reaches the customer's hands.

Additionally, consider gathering feedback from your customers to identify any areas for improvement. This can be done through surveys, reviews, or even direct communication.

Don’t be stuck in time!

You might have an incredible product now, but consider investing in product innovation. Stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in your industry and strive to offer unique and innovative products.

Wrap up

As we’ve seen, Facebook's feedback score is not just a number; it's a reflection of your commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional customer experiences. It's a make-or-break factor in the world of online business on this platform.

Consumer trust is paramount, maintaining a high score is imperative. It's not just about avoiding ad restrictions; it's about earning the trust and loyalty of your customers. A high feedback score signifies that you take your customers' concerns seriously, you deliver on your promises, and you're dedicated to continuous improvement.

So, see your score as a reflection of your business's integrity, commitment, and passion. By taking the steps outlined in this article, you're not just improving a score; you're building a reputation that will resonate with customers and drive your business to new heights on Facebook and beyond.

Key takeaways
  • Facebook Feedback Score Matters: Your customer feedback score is a critical metric that can directly impact your business's success on the platform, including the visibility of your ads and the overall trustworthiness of your brand.
  • Factors Influencing Your Score: Several factors influence your score, including customer satisfaction, delivery speed, and product quality. Positive reviews, timely deliveries, and exceeding customer expectations are key drivers of a higher score.
  • Interpreting Feedback Results: It's fundamental to interpret feedback results effectively by identifying trends, learning from negative feedback, and celebrating positive feedback. Both positive and negative comments provide opportunities for improvement.
  • Strategies for Improvement: To boost your Facebook feedback score, focus on clear product representation, transparent shipping information, and exceptional customer service. Additionally, align your advertising with your capacity to meet customer demand and invest in product innovation to stay competitive.
  • Reputation and Trust: Your feedback score isn't just a number; it reflects your commitment to customer satisfaction, integrity, and trustworthiness. Building a positive online reputation is essential for long-term success in the digital marketplace.


What is Facebook's feedback score?

Facebook's feedback score is a metric that reflects how customers perceive your business based on their feedback. It's crucial because it directly impacts your business's visibility and ad effectiveness on the platform. A higher score can lead to increased visibility and more conversions.

How is Facebook's feedback score calculated?

Facebook's feedback score considers factors like the number of positive and negative reviews, response rate, and customer satisfaction. It influences how Facebook ranks and displays your business in search results.

What happens if my feedback score drops below 2?

If your feedback score drops below 2, you will receive a warning, and your costs may increase while your reach decreases.
If it falls below 1, your business account, along with all its assets, may be disabled, and you won't be able to advertise on Facebook.

How can I improve my Facebook feedback score?

You can improve your feedback score by focusing on clear product representation, transparent shipping information, exceptional customer service, and meeting customer demand. Additionally, investing in product quality and innovation can boost your score over time.

Where can I check my Facebook feedback score?

You can check your feedback score in the Business Support Home page under Meta Business Accounts.

However, not all pages receive individual feedback scores. To receive feedback reviews, you need to have "checkout" enabled on your page or Instagram account. Otherwise, you can access the Account Health evaluation in your Commerce Manager for evaluation.

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