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Automation for TikTok ads — now in Revealbot

Automation for TikTok ads — now in Revealbot

We've added TikTok support to Revealbot, bringing the most powerful Rule editor to one of the most rapidly growing ad platforms.

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Feb 15, 2022

We’re super excited to share that today, following a successful beta, Revealbot officially adds support for TikTok.

Modern advertisers juggle countless tools and deploy ads on multiple platforms. Revealbot’s mission has always been to make ads management frictionless, eliminate the need to switch context and give advertisers everything they need in one place.

Today, we’re taking a big step towards making that vision a reality by adding the new platform.

Bringing 5 years of expertise to TikTok automation

High-end marketing campaigns are near-impossible without automation. Until today, the only mainstream way to automate TikTok ads was through the platform’s native interface, which is still in the early days of development and misses crucial features. And support from third-party automation apps is still scarce.

Revealbot brings 5 years of experience in ads automation to the table, with a polished and powerful Rules editor, stackable and/or conditions, detailed automation logs, and advanced filters.

Here are the advantages of using Revealbot for TikTok ads automation:

Animated Revealbot Rule creation interface

Robust Rule editor. With and/or operators, condition groups, endless nesting, and a state-of-the-art visual interface, building complex automations with Revealbot is just as intuitive as simple ones.

Choosing a filter to target Rules via a drop-down menu

Powerful filters. Get more control over what gets affected by automations: apply rules to all nodes of a parent (for example, all ad sets in a campaign while editing a single ad set), or filter with name contains/doesn’t contain.

Detailed logs. Browse logs that hold a detailed record of account activity. They show which Rules fired, which didn’t, and why. Troubleshoot easier with intuitive navigation and in-depth data breakdowns.

Better organization. Group Rules into folders, nest folders, and store old content in a trash can. Then, restore what you need within 30 days. Organize folders with categories — one more level of depth that helps keep even the biggest of accounts in order.

Selecting a TikTok metric from a large drop-down with hundreds of options

More metrics. Choose from a wider array of metrics than available on TikTok natively. (as of writing this article).

Automated notifications. Track activity with email and slack notifications: Configure what you want to know, and the platform will notify you about triggered automations.

Responsive support. We have an around-the-clock support team that is ready to help you with technical issues. And if you’re looking for guidance, our Customer Success team can assist with account setup.

What’s next for TikTok automation?

We’ve got lots of plans to bring advertisers a level of control that is completely new to TikTok marketing.

Coming up next are custom metrics, a Google Sheets integration, and automated reports. There is lots to look up to: better attribution, easier execution of complex marketing strategies, and even more opportunities to tailor automated strategies to your goals.

Start automating your TikTok ads with Revealbot today. Need some help or have questions? Book a demo with Revealbot’s Customer Success team and we will kick start your TikTok marketing automation journey.

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