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Revealbot website’s new look

Revealbot website’s new look

We restyled the Revealbot website. In this article, read about the reasons behind the design changes and what to expect next.

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Feb 3, 2022

The Revealbot website got a new look. In this article, we’re taking a dive into the reasoning behind the restyling, the elements of the new visuals, and what to expect next.

For us at Revealbot, design has always been a crucial element of our product. We aimed to create a friendly and accommodating look. But as the company and Revealbot community grew, our priorities and vision began to evolve. It was time to make some changes.

Why did we decide to restyle?

We really like the old Revealbot look. In fact, we will be remembering it with a lot of nostalgia.

Old Revealbot homepage with tagline and hand-drawn illustrations and patterns.
The good old Revealbot website. We will remember you.

But as time passed we realized that the old style just wasn’t cutting it for us anymore. It was grunge, with hand-drawn illustrations, wavy lines, and abstract shapes. Certainly friendly and cool-looking. But also restrictive when it comes to explaining how the product works.

We realized that ads automation is a complex and moving process. So we wanted to create a style that would allow us to focus on the dynamic nature of automation while illustrating what it’s like to use the product. We wanted users to imagine interacting with Revealbot even before they create an account.

What’s more, advertisers trust Revealbot with their account management — and by extension — with the management of their marketing budgets. In fact, collectively, we help clients manage over $200 million in yearly ads budget. It was crucial that Revealbot feels like a platform one can entrust with their marketing management.

So, new style goals are:

  • Communicate trust
  • Explain the automation process
  • Illustrate value

Introducing the new Revealbot style

So, how did we achieve our goals? In a few words, we embraced modern minimalism. These are the main elements of the new Revealbot style:

Simple shapes. Intricate organic shapes and hand-drawn illustrations give way to clear-cut geometry and UI elements. Focus on simplicity helps to create a clear visual hierarchy of information and highlights the next big change: illustration style.

Hovering windows of the Revealbot Rule creation UI on a blurred background.
New illustration style highlights the Revealbot interface.

Interface front-and-center. New illustrations feature stylized Revealbot interface elements and ad miniatures. The process and the result. Shadows and realistic materials — like transparent glass — give illustrations a tangible quality.

Hovering analytics widgets and ad miniatures on a blurred pastel-pink background.
Blur makes everything better.

The new brand color: blue. Coral is replaced by blue as the main brand color. Coral is a color of love, courage, but also danger. Revealbot is not dangerous. Actually, it’s very safe. We promise. Which is why we chose blue: the color of calmness and security.

A coral triangle enveloped in clouds shown on a blue background.
Some say that coral is the new blue. Which is why we already have an internal petition to bring it back.

What to expect next?

We are only getting started with the restyling. Most of the work is still ahead. The last website release laid the foundation for the next stage: animating the interface.

We will replace our current static imagery with interface animations that will illustrate the process of automation more clearly.

We will also focus on communicating value. We plan to feature numbers and facts to explain the advantages of using Revealbot while populating the website with more useful information.

You can also expect to see similar restyling taking place in the blog.

Have feedback for the Revealbot design team? Drop a line to Revealbot’s lead designer, Andrey, at

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