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Ads by David Lynch

Ads by David Lynch

David Lynch, the master of dreamlike cinema, ventured beyond the silver screen to shape iconic ad campaigns for Adidas and Sony Playstation 2.

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May 10, 2024

David Lynch, a highly influential director, is known for his unique filmmaking style that blends dreamy and surreal elements. He is drawn to mystery, incorporating dark and enigmatic characters into his work.

Lynch is a versatile artist, extending his talents to painting, writing, music, and design. In addition to acclaimed films like “Eraserhead” and “Mulholland Drive,” he has collaborated in advertising with brands such as Adidas and Sony for the launch of PlayStation 2.


This ad, titled “The Wall,” was created by Leagas Delaney, a London-based agency, for Adidas in 1993. At the time, Adidas was facing financial difficulties and losing ground to Nike, which had been on a meteoric rise since the 1980s with iconic launches like the Air Jordans.

Seeking a dramatic shift in their marketing strategy, Adidas decided to move away from sponsoring teams and target consumers directly. David Lynch, at the peak of his filmmaking career, seemed like the perfect unorthodox choice to lead this campaign.

The brand reportedly invested US$1 million in the ad, a far cry from their previous marketing budgets. The result was “The Wall,” a surreal and unsettling masterpiece that showcased the newly launched Tubular sneakers.

However, due to the company's complex structure with subsidiaries worldwide, “The Wall” was not widely distributed and remained largely unseen for years. It wasn't until its eventual resurfacing on the internet that the ad gained widespread notoriety and critical acclaim, solidifying its status as a cult classic and a testament to the power of bold marketing choices.

Despite its limited initial reach, “The Wall” continues to be celebrated for its haunting visuals, unsettling atmosphere, and Lynchian touch. It remains a testament to the power of creative risk-taking and its ability to leave a lasting impact even decades later.

Sony PlayStation 2

Recently, the new version of the PlayStation 5, sometimes nicknamed “PS5 Slim” despite its official name, has launched. PlayStation launches are always major events, partly due to the jaw-dropping success of the PlayStation 2.

Sony hired TBWA London to create a campaign for the brand-new PlayStation 2. The agency pitched a bold idea: the console was a portal to a new dimension called “The Third Place.” And who better to capture this concept than David Lynch?

The PlayStation 2 belonged to the sixth generation of consoles and faced stiff competition from Nintendo (market leaders before the original PlayStation), Sega (with the Dreamcast), and Microsoft (launching the first Xbox).

Despite the competition, the PlayStation 2 crushed it. With over 155 million units sold, it remains the best-selling console of all time.

Fun Fact: When early digital film cameras emerged, David Lynch embraced them, unlike many filmmakers at the time. Back then, digital image quality couldn't compete with analog, but he saw the loss of quality as similarities to the look of classic film cameras. The "Third Place" ad was shot entirely on a Sony PD150, a ‘prosumer’ camera!

Wrapped up by the sound of: Radiohead — Creep Acoustic

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