A $10 billion Halloween

A $10 billion Halloween

Great news for seasonal ecommerce. The US National Retail Federation has released its annual statistics on the Halloween season spending.

What’s new

This year, American families are expected to spend $10,6 billion on Halloween. This number is way bigger than in pre-covid times and continuously growing. And about 31% of the consumers will be shopping online.

Total spending on Halloween in Billions (2005-2022)

However, an average household will be spending slightly less money than the last year: $100 vs $102 dollars in 2021 on costumes, decorations, and lots and lots of candy. But more people are expected to take part in creepy festivities.

Bigger picture

The holiday season is not far off and the experts are reserved in their projections. Last year the market faced difficulties due to supply chain problems: shortages and delayed deliveries were common.

This year, however, the 8,5% inflation has thrown its shadow on retail. There is an opinion that this year consumers might start their shopping earlier because of the last year’s logistics issues. Those with disposable income might have started their gift hunt prior to October. And everyone will be actively looking for better deals and bigger discounts as we get closer to the end of the year.

What can you do to prepare for holiday sales and fun them smoothly?

  • Start promotions early. Present your products and services now, while the CPC did not get feverish.
  • Pace yourself with the discounts. No need for giving everything away before the season officially starts. Those in search of a better offer will be waiting.
  • Show off the additional value, such as sustainable shipping and eco-friendly packaging. Wrapped in a sentiment of holiday spirit, consumers are more susceptible to ethical shopping.

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