Average Cost Per Engagement for Facebook Ads

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What does cost per engagement (CPE) mean on Facebook?

Facebook CPE means cost per engagement, which compares the cost to the total amount of engagements on a Facebook post that include:

  • likes and reactions
  • comments
  • shares
  • clicks to page
  • link clicks
  • clicks on media

Most advertisers don’t look at CPE as a primary metric to measure performance, but more as an indicator of how well the audience is responding to an ad.

An ad with high engagement could also prove useful as a display of social proof. In fact, some advertisers will run ads with the engagement campaign objective to amass likes and comments as a way to hack social proof with Facebook ads.

What is a good cost per engagement for Facebook ads?

A good cost per engagement on Facebook is always going to be different from one advertiser to another and from one campaign to another. Different types of campaigns and audiences will have very different levels of engagement, for example content ads to a top-of-funnel audience will most likely have more engagement than a bottom-of-funnel sales offer campaign.

To know if your cost per engagement on Facebook is good or not with your new ad, ad set, or campaign, you should compare it to the best CPE you’ve gotten for similar audiences and similar campaign objectives. You will always have lower CPEs when running ads in engagement campaigns because Facebook prioritizes delivering your ads to users who are most likely to engage.

You can also use the chart above to see what the average Facebook cost per engagement is and compare it to yours, or you can join our Facebook community where you can ask folks in your same industry what their CPE is to get a baseline and tips on how to reduce your cost per engagement.

Why is my Facebook cost per engagement so high?

A high cost per engagement on Facebook can be a result of several things, including:

  1. high CPMs
  2. campaign objective is something other than the engagement objective
  3. ad creative is not attention grabbing
  4. ad topic, angle, or imagery is not resonating with the target audience

The only time you should really be worried about your cost per engagement is if you’re running campaigns specifically for getting engagement as a way to improve brand awareness or wanting engagement on an ad to reuse in a more conversion-focused campaign.

Most advertisers are better off measuring performance of their campaigns by:

  1. cost per purchase
  2. cost per lead
  3. cost per mobile app install

If for example you’re running campaigns with the conversions objective and optimizing for the purchases event, your cost per purchase is the best indicator of whether or not your campaign is performing well, even if it has low engagement.

However, ads with low engagement could potentially decrease your relevance score, hurt your deliverability, and increase your CPMs.

How do I lower my Facebook cost per engagement?

If you’re running campaigns for the purpose of getting engagements and your Facebook cost per engagement is too high, you can do the following four things to lower it:

  1. work on lowering your CPM (see here)
  2. choose the engagement campaign objective when setting up a new campaign
  3. test different ad creatives and copy to encourage engagement
  4. test different audiences to ensure your ads are resonating with your targeting audience

Remember, if you’re not running campaigns for the sole purpose of engagement, you probably shouldn’t worry too much about your CPE because it is not a primary metric to judge the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns.

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