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Achieve higher profitability with intelligent ad automation.

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Onboard and manage more clients without hiring more account managers.

“Revealbot is my go to. Literally will save you thousands a month in wasted ad spend.”
Tim Burd, Consultant & Co-Founder

Quickly scale campaigns while improving ROAS and saving time with intelligent automation.

“I used to spend 15-20 hrs/wk managing our campaigns. With Revealbot, it cut it to 5-8 hrs/wk.”
Gary Jiang, Director of Paid Social

Intelligently automate and manage ads for your Facebook, Google and Snapchat campaigns.

“If Facebook rules are elementary math, then RevealBot would be Einstein level with what you can do.”
Nicholas Harvey, Facebook Ads Consultant
More than 12,000+ clients trust Revealbot

Revealbot allows us to build complicated scenarios that just wouldn’t be available to us with other tools.”

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Oleg Popov
VP of Growth
in budget saved on unconverting ads
in time saved on campaign management
more split tests and experiments


Put campaign growth and management on autopilot.

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Revealbot Strategies

Deploy pre-built and proven automations with Strategies.

Automation builder

Build your own automations with a superior automated rule constructor.

External data

Bring in external data to create intelligent automations.


Save hundreds of hours with automated ad creation.

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Post Boosting

Automatically create ads from your best organic Facebook and Instagram posts.

Bulk Creation

Upload media and copy and create dozens of ad variations.

Post ID Export

Get access to all your post IDs to quickly reuse existing ads.


Actionable insights for your team, beautiful reports for your clients.

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Create reports for your ad campaigns, Google Analytics, Twitter, and more.

Slack integration

Send campaign updates to Slack or pull reports on the spot.

Top Audiences & Creatives

Discover your best (and worst) performing audiences and creatives.

Get support from real people

Not only are we here to troubleshoot your automations, we can help you build them, too.

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