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Revealbot allows you to automate and scale your campaigns and use accurate data to optimize for better ad performance — all in one place. With Revealbot you can optimize performance marketing in real time, giving you an extreme competitive advantage by having access to better ad attribution and analytics.

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Robust, yet easy-to-use automations editor

Build automations perfectly tailored for your goals. Choose from hundreds of pre-defined metrics and actions or create custom variables.

Multiple actions

Create all-purpose automations by choosing from more than 20 actions.

Nested conditions

Create complex rules by grouping conditions with AND/OR operators.

Metric comparison

Compare metric to metric over the same or different timeframes.

Ranking conditions

Create conditions around an item’s relative performance.

Revealbot allows me to spend more time on strategy. It gives me the mental space to work proactively rather than reactively.

Brenna Kleiman
Senior Media Manager - Paid social

Custom metrics

Make your own metrics as a calculation or as a variable to store a static number.

Custom timeframes

Make the exact performance windows you care about.

External data

Trigger automations based on data in a Google Sheet. Create unique metrics based on spreadsheets and use as you want.


Receive alerts about triggered actions by email or in Slack.


Run automations as frequently as every 15 minutes or create a customized timeframe.

Automation logs

Understand why items were (or were not) affected by automations.

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Automate campaign management. Automate growth.
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