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What can you advertise on TikTok?

What can you advertise on TikTok?

TikTok's advertising policy might follow the same logic as Facebook's policy, but the implementation of this logic is slightly different. Let’s see how to advertise on TikTok and what limitations apply.

Since the beginning, TikTok was working on creating a safe and nurturing environment for its users. Partly it is attributed to the relatively young age of platform visitors (at least a big chunk of the audience).

Forbidden practices

So, the less disturbing the content is, the better. This goes for all the content, including the ads. Here’s a small checklist of the practices and narratives to avoid:

TikTok forbidden practices

All the information in your ad must be compliant with copyright legislation, be properly targeted, and contain no false or misleading information.

Here's this post on Facebook policy you can also check out.

Forbidden goods

TikTok is a happy place. It’s designed to be a happy place and works hard to keep being a happy place. As a result of this positioning, any controversial topic is left out of the picture. While some TikTok creators might become a little edgy, the advertising policy preserves this positive vibe. The matters of life and death are supposed to be avoided so as not to put stress on the TikTok audience. Keep this happy place setting in your mind, and maybe, all the limitations will sound more reasonable.


So, there’s a firm distinction between animals as food or “medicine”, and pets. You can’t sell pets, but you are allowed to make ads on pet adoptions, pet care (grooming and training), and pet products (toys, food, accessories).

Animal products are forbidden to advertise as a general category. But this limitation also goes to leather, fur, and wool. Take that, knitting enthusiasts. Also, the rules are explicit on the topic of cross-species breeding promotion. If you have an idea of what that might be referring to, drop a line to our editor Ksenia Sverku because we’re thinking unicorns and griffons.


According to TikTok community guidelines, sexually explicit content is Just to avoid a thorough listing of all possible objects, contraptions, and practices, we will keep things general. And, generally speaking, any sort of promoting, selling, solicitation, or facilitation of access to sex-related products is strictly not allowed. This applies to dating sites and, strangely enough, breast augmentation procedures. Following this logic, no nurse Halloween costumes or push-up bras are allowed to be advertised.


There isn't much space to maneuver around this: any type of gambling, including offers of casino props or supplies, is not allowed to be advertised on the platform. Not even bingo.


Smoking, vaping, puffing, sniffing, or inhaling anything rather than fresh air is not allowed to show. The same goes for devices, papers, filters, pipes, and even antique snuffboxes.


None of that, or even images of that, or people taking that or telling about that. That is: “illegal drugs, controlled drugs, prescriptive drugs, drugs for the purpose of recreation, homeopathy, enhancement, performance, including weight loss.”

Weapons (duh!) and military equipment

You can’t advertise uniforms, vests, handcuffs (there goes the second most popular Halloween costume idea), or even boots. Good thing Dr.Martens are out of fashion. Also, “sharp objects”, self-defense weapons, and fireworks are not allowed to be sold on TikTok.


You can’t post ads for (or against) any acting or former political figure or organization. Advertising for the cause is allowed to NGOs and governmental agencies, but you must be prepared for a very thorough review and close contact with TikTok Sales Rep.


What falls under the category of “counterfeit products”? It includes a wide range, from fake Birkin bags and Monet paintings to digital bootlegs of copyrighted content.  

Reviews and disputes

TikTok is reviewing the ads to assure their compliance with the existing policies. With every creative that includes: image, caption, and audio. Target age groups and regional settings also fall under review. And the landing page has to be functional and aligned with the creative (also being geographically suitable and age-appropriate).  

Most TikTok Ads are reviewed within 24 hours. After that, you’ll get a notification on whether your ad has been approved or rejected. You will receive a notification once your TikTok Ads have been approved and published. Here’s what you can do if your ad got rejected:

How to edit TikTok ads

The process of editing is described here.

How to appeal regected TikTok ads

Although the appeal process is described by TikTok manuals as simple, simple it is not. There is a chance of your ads just not running without proper reasoning. If this happens, the only information you'll get from TikTok is this automated multi-choice message.

TikTok support message

You are welcomed to try and push all buttons: add balance, retarget, or change the creative.


Since TikTok started off as a short above-waist dance and lipsync platform, music was always in the heart of it. A whole article in TikTok for Business resource is dedicated to music in Business accounts. You will have to pay to play, no surprise.

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