Like fingerprints, there are no two businesses that are the same. Each business has specific problems and ways of correcting those problems. When you are setting up your campaign automation using Revealbot, it is important to know what works for your business. Depending on your type of business, your go-to rules and automations can greatly differ.

Optimize Reveal For Your Biz

Whether you are a B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) Revealbot will make your life much easier! Selling a hot e-commerce product? Perfect! We can help optimize and save you time with your scaling! Maybe you are selling B2B products such as webinars or online courses, with our automated rules you can kill waning ads before they eat at your budget. Long story short, we have the goods to optimize your Facebook Ads!

Let’s take a look at different types of businesses and see which automations make sense to deliver the best ROI for your advertising budget!

B2C Automation

A lot can vary with marketing B2C companies. If you have a high-end luxury product, you are going to have to drop more advertising dollars to get conversions. If you have a very inexpensive product, you may only spend cents for a conversion. The point is, a lot can have an impact on your strategy! The key is to test new rules and automation as you see fit. Common sense goes a long way when setting up rules and regulations, but thinking outside the box and trying new things is equally important!

Example: Let’s say we are generating leads for a car dealership. The cost per lead in this case is going to be a lot higher than if we were generating leads for a barber shop! Let’s make a rule to set up a maximum cost per lead. For this example we are selling cars so we might have to drop a little cash to generate quality leads. Check out the rule we created below. Our adset will pause today if we spend more than $200 today! This rule will also pause the ad if we have a CTR less than 2%. Two rules, one automation, now that’s how your optimize your Facebook Ads!


Reveal To Automate B2B Ads

Many B2B (business to business) companies have a negative view on Facebook Advertising. If you are only seeing the platform as an outlet for fake news and conversing with friends, you are missing out on MASSIVE opportunity.

For B2B companies, your rules and automations will work around four main objectives: Brand awareness, Traffic, Lead generation, and Conversions. Consider your brand awareness as your top of funnel, traffic campaigns as your middle funnel, and lead gen and conversion campaigns as your bottom funnel!

There is a lot of positive ROI for B2B companies with Facebook lead gen ads. All in all, it may be the best bang for the buck. Let’s look at an example to show you how you can use Reveal to help generate more business leads! Let’s say you are running lead generation for your Social Media Agency. We want to make sure we are getting our message across to our audience. To do so they may need to see our ad two or three times, but if they see it more than three times they will surely be turned off. With Reveal we can setup a rule to shut down ads once the frequency gets over a certain threshold like so:


We now have a rule in place that will pause adsets once they have a frequency greater than 3. With Reveal you can sit back and relax knowing you will be reaching your audience a couple times without being in your face or obnoxious.

What we have learned?

The future is now! 😎 Email automation tools such as Mailchimp have recently made things much easier for marketers. Revealbot was created with the same objective in mind, but for Facebook Ads. Sound automation frees up more time to create quality content that is fun and engaging to your consumers. Bottom line is, if you are spending over 1k per month you need automation to get really efficient. With Revealbot, you are getting the best results out of your ad budget. Are you ready to start using Revealbot? Everyday you wait dollars are being wasted! 💸

Check out this PDF with some common yet effective automated rules!

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There is plenty of room for B2B companies and B2C companies to thrive with Facebook advertising. What type of company do you have? And what are some of your go to rules and automations? Comment below and let us know!