Reveal has a full set of tools to automate your campaigns. You can use logical expressions to combine different conditions. But what if your process requires more complicated logic than just OR or AND conditions? Reveal’s nested conditions can cover this! Have a look at the example below.

Nested conditions are included in all Reveal plans in the 14-day trial access. You can find them in the Automation section of your Reveal account (don't have one? Sign up here!).

Say, you run a campaign promoting some mobile app and have targets measured in app installs, purchases and revenue. You want to promote ad sets that demonstrate high performance and have three independent conditions for that:

  • cost per app install today is less than $3,
  • cost per app purchase today is less that $20,
  • purchase revenue today exceeds ad spend by at least 3x.

A simple “OR” condition is not enough here as Cost per App Install will be equal to 0 until there are some installs. Also you may want your ad sets to collect some data before these rules take effect, so you may set a limit to exclude new adset.

You’ll have to make a bit more complicated conditions to implement this rule (we call it “nested conditions”).

Here’s how it works:


Try nested conditions for your rules now!