Hi everyone,
For this holiday season, we’ve got something very special coming for you: a new feature that will take your automation capabilities to the next level. While we’re doing some polishing and getting ready to officially announce it, please see a couple of other updates that are not so big, but will come in handy for those who want to stay on top of their Facebook Ads performance.

  1. Radius in Location for New Audience

When choosing the location for your new audience, you can now select cities within x km radius, to increase the coverage of your selection:

2. Choose audiences saved on Facebook in Bulk Creation

The 3rd step of Revealbot’s Bulk Creation is Targeting, where you can create a new Audience. From now on, you can also choose from your existing audiences saved on Facebook:

Just like that, nothing that you’ve set up before is going to get lost 😉
Stay tuned for our bigger announcements and let us know if there are any questions or feature requests!