Have you ever faced having multiple creative assets and creating ads from them manually, spending hours just to upload all of it to the Ads Manager? Not knowing which ones are going to perform well and which ones won’t? Wanting to know how a certain audience will react to specific combinations of content? These are the questions most marketers face every day. It’s time to solve them!

Let us introduce you to Bulk Creation, Revealbot’s new feature. It allows uploading different combinations of images, text, videos, headlines, links, and choose call to action, audience, and objectives. Experiment, test, see what you get in result — all of it done in minutes, from your Revealbot profile.

How it works

Follow 5 steps to create a new campaign with any number of ad sets and ad variations in minutes. All ad variations will be automatically added to all ad sets, so you don't have to duplicate any work. Connect your ad account, choose campaign objective, targetings, add multiple ad elements to automatically create ad variations, and set up tracking.

  1. Audience split testing allows you to test all kinds of ad variations and see which one performs best for which audience.
  2. After you review the setup, Reveal will launch the campaign in your Ads Manager.

At the end, you’ll be able to review all ads that are to be posted and delete the unnecessary ones. Reveal’s Creation is focused on a few major points:

  • Save Time
    Create many ad sets and ad elements variations (video, image, headline, etc) in minutes. Test your hypothesis and see how your audience reacts to a certain combination.
  • Speed up your workflow
    Use macros to create UTM tags and set up ad sets naming convention.
  • A/B Test Everything
    Quickly split audiences and find the winning ad variation for each of them.
  • Automate Ad Routine
    Set up automated rules to scale your campaigns based on performance.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
    Set up reports and Slack notification that will keep the whole team in the loop.

See our guide on creating ad campaigns in bulk, create yours, and let us know what you think!