Hooray, everyone! Summer is here, so some of you are probably already heading off to the beach or preparing for other adventures. And that’s great! We’ve been working hard to ensure your Facebook Ads take even less time than usual, so you can save a few hours to go out there and get some sun 😎

Here’s what’s been on our plate the whole month:

Audiences library

Now you can create new audiences right here, in Reveal. Note the Custom audiences conditions: you can choose which of your existing custom or lookalike audiences to include in the new target. Pick the right Locations, Age, Gender, Language and include or exclude the demographic, interests or behaviors in the Detailed Targeting.

What is it for? At the moment, audience creation allows adding a new audience without having to go into Facebook Ad Manager. Now you can create an audience from the Audience Library. It can also be created while setting automated post boosting rules by just clicking the “+ New audience” button.


Psst… You’ve probably guessed that audiences creation is one of the steps of something bigger. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but word has it ads creation is coming up!

Create a new audience.

Ads with political content

As you’ve probably already heard, starting May 7, 2018, Facebook applied new regulations for Ads with political content. To ensure we’ve got your auto boosted posts covered, we added a special checkbox:


Keep it safe ✅

Connecting multiple Facebook accounts owners

Something that lots of our clients have been waiting for, a handy solution for big marketing teams: connect all (or just the necessary ones) personal Facebook accounts to Reveal.

Because you’re all in this together, right? 👬👫👭

In your Integrations -> Facebook Ads, connect another account owner to Reveal and you’ll be able to see all accounts that their profile has access to and enable/disable their connection with Reveal.
The newly connected accounts would appear in the usual Ad account dropdown in Automation and Post Boosting right away.


Try to connect an ad account.

That’s it, folks. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates — there’s something special coming your way in the next few weeks.