Hello everyone,

As we have mentioned before, Google Ads automated rules are our main focus right now. A lot of you have shared their feedback with us which we treat like a treasure. Putting our client’s routine at ease is the goal, so if you feel like your problem should be solved within our Google Ads automation core set of features, reach out to me by replying to this email or our client success crew in the live chat. Something new goes out to the real world every week!

So, what’s up?

Keywords actions

Now you can start and pause keywords and set notifications for staying in the loop with what’s going on. No more manual monitoring, just clear reports to your email or Slack, always on time ⏰
Head out to your Revealbot account > Google Ads > Create New. In Select items, choose Keywords as the level on which the rule is applied. Then proceed with creating the task. You’re all set!

Feel like checking out what Keywords actions are capable of? You’re always welcome 🙋

Bids adjustment and strategy

Bids are such a complicated matter in Google Ads. But fear not: we’ve got it sorted out. With the latest updates, you can set a strategy (Target CPA, Manual CPC, Viewable CPM, Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions, Target ROAS) and certain values for the bids (Target CPA, CPC, and CPM). Bid adjustment and strategy works on three levels: campaign, ad groups, and keywords.

You can also set a Current bid as the bid type and it will match your effective strategy:

Increase and decrease bids options are available in percentage and absolute values ($).

Budget adjustment

Some of you have been yearning for budget adjustment, so here they are at your service: you can now increase or decrease the budget of your campaigns.

Ads management

This one has also been mentioned quite a lot of times when we were interviewing digital marketers. Manage your ads: start, pause, or set notifications to stay updated with their performance:


A few more metrics were also added lately. Check them out when creating a new rule and let us know if there are other ones that you need during your day-to-day ads management routine 😉

One last thing: our Google Ads Beta is at full speed now. And we want you to know that it’s handcrafted just for you: our clients, friends, and anyone wishing to make Google Ads management easy. Because it can be! Any comments, questions, or notes are very much appreciated 💖