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Any of you are watching the World Cup? Fans are going crazy these days, with quarterfinals just around the corner. ⚽ To leave your Facebook Ads alone and truly enjoy the game, try our latest features, developed in June:

«Delete adset» task

When an ad isn’t doing well, there are a few things you could try: pause it, decrease the bid, duplicate (when hoping it’s the new ads that Facebook algorithms give an advantage to). But what if you just want to get it over with? For that, we’ve added a «Delete adset» task:


Try the automation rules and delete under-performing adsets.

Campaign and adset naming templates in post boosting

Name your campaign right when creating a post boosting rule. Templates will ensure it’s easy to recognize and doesn’t get lost. They include post name, current year, month, day, date, and time, audience name, custom audiences, interests, gender, locations, placements, and other parameters. Add one or a few options at once:


Same options are available for the ad set naming. Another update: post boosting rules can now be saved as drafts.

Discover the convenience of auto post boosting.

«Set bid strategy» task

An upgrade to our automated rules: choose the bid strategy as automatic, lowest cost with cap, or target cost with cap, and add their $ values. Easy peasy!


Delivery status filter in automated rules

When you’re selecting to which ads a rule should apply, it’s important to understand the status of a campaign, adset, or an ad. Whether they’re active or not, scheduled, not delivering, completed, rejected, or pending review can determine the rule’s actions. You no longer have to do it manually. When creating a new rule, go to Rule applies to > Select by filter > Choose campaign/ad set/ad delivery and define the status:


Filtering items by id on Live View

If you want to watch after a particular item, the Live View now allows you to quickly find it by entering its id in filters:


Check out the Live View to analyze the automated rules’ performance.

That’s all for June. Thanks for checking in! 👋🏼