Hi there,

July’s change log is the shortest one we’ve ever had! During the whole month, we’ve been focusing on Creation, a new feature that we will announce in just a few days. But there’s still a few things that came as feature requests from our clients and we could not neglect them. Let’s see what they are!

  • add to item name
    If a condition is met, this rule will add whatever you put in the field to the end of the item’s name. In the example below you see #between_1_and_2AM tag, so the adset name will look like [ad set name]#between_1_and_2AM


Try the «add to item name» task.

  • remove from item name
    It is the opposite of the «add to item name» task, if a condition is met, the rule will remove anything that matches whatever you put in the field.

Try the «remove from item name» task.

  • bulk rule delete in Automated rules

Got outdated rules that just need to be removed from the list? Simply check them out and click on «Remove» button, like shown below.

Try bulk delete in Automated rules.

  • frequency cap in post boosting

To ensure your boosted posts don’t appear too often when aiming at «Reach», set up frequency cap in your Ad set settings.


Try Reveal’s auto post boosting and promote your posts.

That’s it, folks! Let us know if there are any questions on the new or existing features and share your thoughts.