Hi all,
January is a weird month. Winter is not going anywhere yet, and on top of that, a Blue Monday was getting on our nerves. But we try to stay positive 🌞 Over the past few weeks, we’ve grown by a couple of awesome people (and still looking for more of those), planned a big and exciting release to look forward to and improved a few essential features that [hopefully!] will brighten up your Facebook Ads routine. Let’s take a closer look.


We had a few customer requests to update this part of the rules so last week we added all Standard Events, including unique and cost per unique:


Timeframes have been re-organized for your convenience and Lifetime added as an option.


We’ve added an ability to intersect lookalike audiences for a more detailed targeting:

Do these make you wanna try Revealbot automated rules and bulk creation for free? You’re welcome to do so! 😉

Fresh from the oven blog posts

In our recent posts,

Many of our users use Google Ads and we’re building out the ability to automate it. Is this something you would be interested in?

We have created a short survey about its core functionality. Please take two minutes to fill it out and just say ‘yes’ to the last question in the survey for early bird access to Google Ads automation beta program.
You can be first to test the new functionality. It will be completely free, all we want is your feedback 📩

👉Complete the survey & join beta https://revealbot2019.typeform.com/to/aCAfV5

That’s it for now, folks! Stay positive 😎